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Wimal H

An engaging and caring Maths and Statistics tutor; Can drive
I have been working as a tutor/lecturer in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. I'm holding PTLLS and working…
Advanced Maths (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Maths (A-Level, Degree), Statistics (A-Level, Degree, GCSE)
within 8 hours
6.5 miles from Pill
£25.00 / hour

Owain G

Politics Graduate and Musician
My name's Owain, I am a currently studying towards PhD in Politics at The University of Bristol with an interest in…
English (A-Level, GCSE), English Language (GCSE), English Literature (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Government and Politics (Pre-U), History (A-Level, AS, IB), Home Economics (Primary), Music (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB, Pre-U, Primary), Music Theory, Politics (A-Level, AS, Degree)
within 22 minutes
3.9 miles from Pill
£31.77 / hour

Alessandra F

Supportive motivating... fun!
Hi! My name is Alessandra and I'm Italian. I held a Law degree on April 2015 and suddenly I decided to leave my…
Italian (Degree), Spanish (A-Level)
within 4 hours
18.7 miles from Pill
£14.68 / hour

Tom M

Professional Creative Writing Tutor, BA, PGCE, MA, PhD
Hi, my name is Tom McKay and I have taught creative writing at University level for twelve years. I lectured for three…
Creative Writing
within 4 minutes
116.8 miles from Pill
£19.95 / hour

Margarita S

Mathematics and Russian Tutor
I am a passionate, energetic and motivating mathematics tutor. I have a strong belief that mathematics can and should be…
Advanced Maths (A-Level, AS, GCSE, IB), Maths (11+, A-Level, GCSE, IB), Russian (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB)
within 1 hour
3.7 miles from Pill
£25.00 / hour

Sarah Y

Fully qualified, experienced and friendly Tutor!
Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a very experienced and PGCE qualified Law lecturer. Having worked in the the legal…
English (A-Level), English Language (A-Level, AS), Law (A-Level, Degree), Life Skills, Mentoring, Psychology (A-Level, AS), School Advice (11+, A-Level, GCSE), Sociology (A-Level, AS), Study Skills, University Advice, Urdu (Beginner)
within 12 hours
4.9 miles from Pill
£26.40 / hour

Allan J

Japanese / Economics / Statistics / Politics Tutor
Japanese / Economics / Statistics / Politics Tutor • MBA Warwick Business School (Joint UK #2 with Oxford,…
Accounting, Business Studies (A-Level, Degree, IB), Careers Services (A-Level, AS, Degree), Creative Writing, Economics (A-Level, AS, Degree, IB, Pre-U), English (A-Level, GCSE), English Language (A-Level, AS, GCSE), English Literature (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Finance (Degree), Geographic Information Systems, Geography (A-Level, AS, Common Entrance), History (A-Level, AS, Common Entrance, Degree, GCSE, IB, Pre-U, Scholarship), Japanese (A-Level, Advanced, AS, Beginner, Degree, GCSE, IB, Intermediate), Life Coaching, Life Skills, Statistics (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB)
within 1 hour
3.6 miles from Pill
£30.00 / hour