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Zaynab S

An experienced, flexible and committed tutor.
I have been a tutor for 8 years. As a university student, I have moved to several different cities, where I have taught…
11+ Admissions, Admissions (Primary), Ancient History (A-Level, AS), Anthropology, Arabic (A-Level, Advanced, AS, Beginner, Degree, GCSE, IB, Intermediate), Basic IT Skills, Basic Skills (11+, Primary), Biology (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB), Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Charterhouse School Admissions, Chemistry (A-Level, AS, GCSE, IB, Pre-U), Citizenship Studies (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE), Computing (Primary), Creative Writing, Criminology, Dyslexia Support, Early Years, Early Years Support, Ebay, Educational Psychology, EFL (Advanced, Beginner, Degree, Intermediate), Eight Plus, Eleven Plus, English (11+, A-Level, Common Entrance, Degree, GCSE, IB, Pre-U, Primary, Scholarship), English Language (A-Level, AS, GCSE), English Literature (A-Level, AS, GCSE), General Studies (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE), Geography (A-Level, AS, GCSE), History (A-Level, AS, Common Entrance, Degree, IB, Pre-U), History of Art (GCSE), Home Economics (Primary), Humanities (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, Primary), ICT (A-Level, AS, GCSE), IELTS (Advanced, Beginner), IELTS (Intermediate) , Information Technology, Life Coaching, Maths (Common Entrance, GCSE, Primary), Microsoft, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Word, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Oxbridge Admissions , Philosophy (A-Level, AS), Physics (GCSE), Primary (11+, Primary), Programming (GCSE, Primary), Psychology (A-Level, AS, Degree, Pre-U), QTS Literacy, QTS Numeracy, Religious Studies (A-Level, AS, GCSE), SAT, School Advice (11+, Primary), Science (A-Level, AS, Common Entrance, GCSE, Primary, Scholarship), Seven Plus, Sociology (A-Level, AS, Degree), Special Needs (11+, GCSE, Primary), SPSS, University Advice (AS), Verbal Reasoning
within 8 hours
1.4 miles from Leicester
£25.42 / hour

Attila O

Excel and Excel VBA programming tutor
Excel VBA programming knowledge is essential in any big firms for those people who are working with files containing…
Finance (Degree), Microsoft Excel
within 4 hours
84.3 miles from Leicester
£37.00 / hour

Adi T

Professional and enthusiastic languages tutor
Hello! I'm Adi, an energetic languages tutor and future trainee solicitor (from September 2018). I teach French…
English, French, Latin, Spanish
20.1 miles from Leicester
£30.00 / hour

Tom M

Professional Creative Writing Tutor, BA, PGCE, MA, PhD
Hi, my name is Tom McKay and I have taught creative writing at University level for twelve years. I lectured for three…
Creative Writing
within 4 minutes
88.4 miles from Leicester
£19.95 / hour

Isabel V

Hello, my name is Isabel and I'm Spanish. Currently, I am working as a nursery assistant and will be soon teaching…
Painting, Spanish
within 4 hours
127.6 miles from Leicester
£17.60 / hour

Fedora L

Do you wanna improve your A-Level, IGCSE and GCSE?
Hello! I am Fedora. I come from Macau (a place near to Hong Kong), and I have been studying in the UK for four years. I…
Biology (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Cantonese (Beginner), Cantonese (Intermediate) , Chemistry (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Chinese (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Maths (11+, A-Level, GCSE, Primary), Physics (GCSE), Piano (Beginner, Intermediate)
within 15 minutes
0.8 miles from Leicester
£25.42 / hour

Priyanka V

I am Priyanka Vedi, PhD. Tutoring students is my passion!
Hello there My name is Priyanka. I am a prospective PhD student at the University of Nottingham and also a private…
English, Psychology, Sociology
within 12 hours
10.2 miles from Leicester
£45.00 / hour