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Andrew G

Programmer with 13 years experience in the games industry
I grew up with early computers such as the ZX Spectrum, and was writing simple programs from the age of five. Thirty…
Basic IT Skills, C++, Computer Literacy, Computer Programming, Computer Science (A-Level, AS, Common Entrance, GCSE, IB, Primary), Computer Training, Computing (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB, Primary), Database, ICT (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Information Technology, Internet, Java, Javascript, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Word, MySQL, Perl, Programming (A-Level, AS, GCSE, Primary), Python, SQL, Web Development (Beginner), XML
within a few days
14.8 miles from Cambridgeshire
£43.00 / hour

Katharine G

Cambridge Graduate Looking for Tutees
Personal Description: I have recently graduated from Cambridge University with an MSci and BA in Natural Sciences. I am…
Art (GCSE, Primary), Biology (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE), Chemistry (AS, GCSE), Drawing, English (11+, GCSE), English Language (GCSE), English Literature (GCSE), Guitar (Acoustic), History (GCSE), ICT (GCSE), Maths (11+, A-Level, GCSE), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Windows 7, Music (GCSE, Primary), Music Theory, Neuroscience, Oxbridge Admissions , Painting, Science (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, Primary), Statistics (GCSE), Viola, Violin (Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate)
within 8 hours
5.7 miles from Cambridgeshire
£25.00 / hour

Attila O

Excel and Excel VBA programming tutor
Excel VBA programming knowledge is essential in any big firms for those people who are working with files containing…
Finance (Degree), Microsoft Excel
within 4 hours
48.2 miles from Cambridgeshire
£37.00 / hour

Aneesh S

Second Year UCL Medical Student Tutor
My name is Aneesh Sharma and I'm a medical student who has just completed his second year at University College…
11+ Admissions, Biology (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Chemistry (A-Level, AS, GCSE), Maths (11+, A-Level, GCSE), Science (GCSE), Spanish (GCSE, Intermediate)
within a few days
7.2 miles from Cambridgeshire
£25.00 / hour

Mattia B

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons / Italian lessons
Hello, my name is Mattia, I'm an experienced guitarist and teacher and I'm available for professional acoustic…
Bass Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic, Electric), Music, Music Theory
over a week
6.9 miles from Cambridgeshire
£28.00 / hour

Chun C

Mandarin Chinese Tutor in London | Cambridgeshire | Bath
Mandarin Chinese Tutor in London | Cambridgeshire | Bath, Somerset Personal Description: I'm a Chinese girl who…
Chinese (A-Level, Advanced, AS, Beginner, Degree, GCSE, IB, Intermediate), Mandarin (A-Level, Advanced, AS, Beginner, Common Entrance, Degree, GCSE, IB, Intermediate)
within 12 hours
52.5 miles from Cambridgeshire
£30.00 / hour

Catrin J

Experienced Psychology Tutor - Cambs, Herts, Beds
I am an experienced lecturer, researcher and am commencing my PhD in October 2016. I can tutor in any area of psychology…
Nutrition, Psychology (A-Level, AS, Degree, Pre-U), Social Care and Health
15.9 miles from Cambridgeshire
£27.00 / hour