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Posted: 20 Feb 2021
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Hi, I'm looking for a English (GCSE) tutor.

I'm looking for a English tutor for my son. He is in Year 11 and doing his GCSE.

My son is very smart and articulate and has the potential to get a 9, however he missed 2 years of formal school and he has tremendous difficulty putting his voluminous thoughts concisely on paper. This causes him to cease up.

My son needs his spelling, grammar and writing skills shoring up. He used to read obsessively and now only reads what he absolutely has to. He got an excellent score on the 11+ but has really done no more study of the fundamentals of English since then.

My son loves theatre and before lockdown was a tech for the local Youth Theatre company. He is also a huge fan of movie musicals, classical music and country music.

Raphael is taking Film Studies and there is also a lot of writing required in that course which he is struggling with.

Raphael loves podcasts and Youtube vlogs if you can help him build his background knowledge and enthusiasm with recommendations for the GCSE subjects that would be helpful.

FYI: Raphael is NOT interested in sports, video games or pop music.

Thanks, Celine

Requested by Celine R
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