Manchester Tutor Jobs

Maths tutor in M18

Posted by: Erin D

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths functional skills level 2 for myself i am a mature student but need help so i can book an exam to sit and pass so i can start my university course in September wondering if you can help me at all.

Dyslexia Support tutor in Prestwich

Posted by: Sarah C

Hi, I'm looking for a Dyslexia tutor to help my daughter. She is recently diagnosed and could do with some support to build her confidence back up focusing on spelling and handwriting

Please get in touch via work email: [EMAIL REMOVED]

Kind regards

Dutch (Beginner) tutor in Manchester

Posted by: örsan Y


I'm looking for a Dutch tutor in Manchester. I have zero knowledge on Dutch, however I am fluent in English and have an extensive background in German.

Could you please provide me the level of Dutch you are teaching?

Thank you

UKCAT tutor in SK5

Posted by: Humza M

Hi, I'm looking for a UKCAT tutor to aid me in preparing for the ukcat exam, I have never sat a standardised exam before and am very underconfident in it so far. I am wanting to learn and implement techniques which will save me time and gain me marks. If you could tell me your availability and times that would be great thanks.

English (11+) tutor in M14

Posted by: Sumera S

Hi, I'm looking for a English (11+) tutor... for my daughters.....

English (GCSE) tutor in M19

Posted by: Iynul K

Hi, I'm looking for a English (GCSE) tutor for my son. Exam is in June. He has achieved a D first sitting. We are looking at trying to push the grade up to a B.

Chemistry tutor in M40

Posted by: Precious O

Hi, my daughter is currently at her first year of college doing chemistry ocr, however she struggles, please contact me for any other information . thank you

Microsoft Excel tutor in M7

Posted by: Clare S

Hi, I'm looking for a Microsoft Excel the M7 area of Manchester

11+ tutor in Prestwich

Posted by: Fauzia Z

I'm looking for an 11+ tutor to tutor from home

Maths (Primary) tutor in M14

Posted by: M. B

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (Primary) tutor...

SPSS tutor in M4

Posted by: Athina D

I'm looking for a RESEARCH METHODS tutor who is familiar with small N designs, measurement and graphics analysis. Ideally someone who has a degree in psychology.


Physics (A-Level) tutor in M14

Posted by: Hussein J

I am looking for an A level physics tutor who can help me pull up my disappointing mock D grade to at least the B I require for the university of my choice. Preferably someone who knows the AQA spec and is familiar with the physics exam techniques and revision techniques which is something I am struggling with I feel as I forget a lot of my revision the next day. Not knowing sometimes what to do to improve my grade has been a major issue for me and I need all the help I can get. I believe I am not a D or a C grade student achieving As and A* in my computer science and math mocks respectively but I feel I am missing a piece to push me to the top grades in my physics. I can usually grasps the concepts in physics fairly quickly but the it is the application I slip up on.
Preferably I prefer tutors who offer free first lessons so I know if they’re the right person to guide me through my physics A level.
I hope to hear from you soon
Kind regards, Hussein.

English Language (A-Level) tutor in M11

Posted by: Hanouf A

Hi, I'm looking for a English Language (A-Level) tutor...

IELTS tutor in North West, M1

Posted by: Doctor B

I am looking for an experienced IELTS teacher to teach a new IELTS program that I am designing.
All the students will be Chinese of level 5.5 looking to improve to a 6.0.
If you are interested, please send me a copy of your CV, I will also need to know your availability and 3 references.

Maths (Degree) tutor in Swinton, M27

Posted by: Laura S

My name is Laura. I'm an undergrad studying Management at UoM. I am really struggling with my quantitative unit and wondered if you could help? I'm 33 so I've not done any non real life maths since my GCSE and I'm finding it hard getting it to click into place.

Statistics (Degree) tutor in North West, M1

Posted by: Noor M

I'm looking for a Statistics (Degree) tutor...IN STATA

Maths tutor in M21

Posted by: Haseeb U

I'm looking for a Maths tutor to help me with GCSE maths. I am looking to start as soon as possible.

Biology (A-Level) tutor in Prestwich, M25

Posted by: Shazia R

I'm looking for a A-level Biology tutor...

English Language (A-Level) tutor in Prestwich, M25

Posted by: Shazia R

Hi, I'm looking for a English Language (A-Level) tutor...
My daughter is in her last year of college and the exam board she is doing is (wjec educas)
Let me know if you can help
I would like the lesson in my house

Business Studies (A-Level) tutor in M12

Posted by: Alahen A

Hi, I'm looking for a Business Studies tutor specialist for GCSE for my child year 11

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