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11 Plus tutor in W12

Posted by Susannah W

Up to: £50 per hour

Hi, Son has just started year 6. Looking for someone to help with his maths in particular. He doesn’t need 11+ exam prep but just focus on his maths in lead up to SATS next May and ensuring he will get into a good set at state secondary (starting year 7 in Sept 2020). Thanks, Susannah

Spanish (GCSE) tutor in Lea Bridge, E10

Posted by Samuel O

Up to: £35 per hour


I am looking for a Spanist Tutor with experience of teaching in a Secondary School in the UK to tutor my son.


IELTS tutor in WC2N

Posted by Onyekachi D

Up to: £50 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a IELTS tutor to start right away in tutoring 2 people. IELTS exam is on the 11th of September. They require an overall score of 8 to meet their PhD study conditions.

Urgent Please.


11 Plus tutor in Chadwell Heath, rm6

Posted by Sinead F

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a 11 Plus tutor available in Chadwell Heath/Romford area?

Maths (IB) tutor in W1B

Posted by George K

Up to: £70 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (IB) tutor...My name is George.I do Math Studies, and I need some help.

Public Speaking tutor in Morden, SM4

Posted by Janice S

Up to: £100 per hour

I live in Morden, near Northern Line. I am wondering would you be able to teach the skills of Public Speaking or Presentation?

Let me know if you are interested and your time availability as well.

Thanks and best wishes,


Economics (A-Level) tutor in Eltham, SE9

Posted by Daian A

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for an Economics tutor for a 2hr30 session once a month for exam practice. I attend a grammar school in Ilford, and I'm confident in my knowledge of Economics. My teachers are confident in my ability as well, however I want to consolidate on my exam technique following our cohort's poor performance in the 2019 AS exams.

I'm on the AQA exam board, so I am looking for someone who could go through exam questions, e.g. 25 markers, MCQs and how to get top marks in the papers. As I stated previously, knowledge hopefully isn't an issue, so we could focus mostly on exam papers.

I'm looking to start lessons next October. Please let me know whether or not you think you would be able to accommodate for this.

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Rotherhithe, Se16

Posted by Jayshree

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Maths For Year 11 tutor...

Maths (A-Level) tutor in Oakleigh Park, N20

Posted by Aman J

Up to: £70 per hour

I'm looking for a Maths (A-Level) tutor...

English Language (GCSE) tutor in North London, N8

Posted by Ozgur S

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi Anna, I'm looking for an English Language (GCSE) tutor... for my 12 years old daughter who goes to year 8. She needs to improve her written skills and grammar.

Physics (A-Level) tutor in Abbey Wood, Se2

Posted by Michael M

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Physics (A-Level) tutor...

French (Advanced) tutor in Tooting Bec, Sw17

Posted by Kate M

Up to: £35 per hour


I'm looking for a French tutor local to Earlsfield, south west London.

Ideally a lesson once a week. My french is advanced - I would describe myself as fluent but definitely not bilingual.

I studied and lived in France in my early twenties and would like to keep it up. I also have a very young son who I would like to listen in on the lessons to try and learn some french too.

Preference for a female tutor.

Thank you,

Primary (Primary) tutor in Stoke Newington, N16

Posted by Cemile K

Up to: £20 per hour

I'm looking for a Primary (Primary) tutor...

Physical Education (PE) (GCSE) tutor in Osidge, N14

Posted by Lin F

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Physical Education tutor...

Drama tutor in Barnet, EN5

Posted by Dolly S

Up to: £50 per hour

I'm looking for a Lamda tutor for my children.

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Wood Green, N22

Posted by Huner G

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Maths tutor for a year 11 student who is currently on grade 2/3 to ensure he achieves the required grade 5’s in his GCSEs in year 11. Needs a bit of motivation and constant pushing to do work and believe a tutor would be the best for this. Ideally we would like the tutor to be able to travel here.

We’d like weekly lessons if thats okay with the tutors. The maths exam board is edexcel

Our aim is to ensure his grades improve but also motivate him with his studies

English (A-Level) tutor in East London

Posted by Che S

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a English (A-Level) tutor...

Media (A-Level) tutor in North Finchley, N12

Posted by Vesna E

Up to: £50 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Media (A-Level) tutor...for my daughter who is retaking Media and History. Do you tutor at students house?

Maths (GCSE) tutor in North West London, nw2

Posted by Jessica M

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor...

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Caterham, Cr3

Posted by Max L

Up to: £100 per hour

I am 17 retaking gcse maths and science i am lookin for a experienced tutor who can help me. I struggle with mathematical skills the most.

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