London Tutor Jobs

English (11+) tutor in Mitcham, CR4

Posted by Riffat A

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a English (11+) tutor...

Special Needs (11+) tutor in W12

Posted by Elodene B

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Special Needs (11+) tutor...
Good morning I’m looking for a tutor for my 11 year old son .
He’s struggling in all subjects and I think he might have an undiagnosed learning disability.
We are based in Shepherd’sbush west London .
I’m am looking for a 1/2 hour session twice a week .

Maths (Primary) And English (primary) tutor in Walthamstow, E17

Posted by Rubana H

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (Primary) tutor...and English if possible. I have a 9 year old daughter and home schooling is just not working! My daughter is in year 4. I’m looking for an all round tutor to fill the gap whilst she’s off school and to continue once school starts hopefully. We are based in East London

Guitar (Beginner) tutor in E1W

Posted by Tanya M

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Guitar (Beginner) tutor...I played piano for couple years when I was 7-8 years old, really want to try to learn a guitar and want to have a trial session with you, face to face if possible. I live in Wapping and free most evenings at the moments. Let me know when we can arrange a trial session please. Kind regards, Tanya

German (GCSE) tutor in Kilburn, NW6

Posted by Virginia H

Up to: £70 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a German (GCSE) tutor... I live just off Brondesbury Park NW6,
My son is 12 and in Year 7.
He is an absolute beginner and is going to be able to do it on Monday nights. Are you?
I have in mind 1 hour on Monday night plus 30 mins homework per week.
Can you tutor on Monday evenings; how much would you charge; and (of course once Coronavirus is over) do you travel to NW6 ?
Cost is a consideration.

UKCAT tutor in Wallington, SM6

Posted by Palan S

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a UKCAT, BMAT and OXBRIDGE application and personal statement help tutor for my Son who is at AS Level. Thank you.

Early Years tutor in Putney, sw15

Posted by Thales D

Up to: £35 per hour

We live in east Putney

We are looking for a tutor to help us with homeschool for our boy on yr2 and little girl on reception.

Possibly two hours everyday or more. could you help?


English Literature (A-Level) tutor in South East London, Se6

Posted by Sam C

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a English Literature (A-Level) tutor.

Latin (GCSE) And Greek tutor in Belmont, Ha3

Posted by Poonam B

Up to: £70 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for Latin and Greek 13+ scholarship exams. Would you be able to help?

Computer Science (A-Level) tutor in Little Ilford, E12

Posted by Vasuki M

Up to: £70 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Computer Science tutor...for my son he is studyiny in new wick , he is doing his A/L

Violin (Beginner) tutor in Islington, N1

Posted by Maria N

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Violin (Beginner) tutor...for my 6 years old daughter

Medicine tutor in North Finchley, N12

Posted by Mahsa S

Up to: £100 per hour

I'm looking for a Pharmaceutical Medicine tutor or someone that studied Biopharmaceuticals Degree. A few lectures names are:
Nasal and Pulmonary Delivery, Biosimilars, Formulating Biopharmaceuticals, peptide and protein delivery, gene therapy and delivery from Biopharmaceutical Development Module.

Protein purification, cell therapy, immunoassays, protein expression system from Biopharmaceuticals Discovery.

chromatography, NMR, SPECTROSCOPY from Core Analytical Science

drug absorption, pH partition, dissolution testing, bioavailability, bioequivalence, ADME, phase I and II metabolism from Drug Delivery and Drug Disposition Module.

I need help withe the examinations and dissertation.

Accounting (A-Level) tutor in Colindale, NW9

Posted by Sayed Mohsin K

Up to: £20 per hour

I am currently studying AAT level 3 and I need help is passing the spreadsheet unit of my exam. I have all the notes and data for the exam. How do I do subtotals in excell It is not difficult at all

Piano (Beginner) tutor in Barking, Ig11

Posted by Fafian A

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi,I live at Barking essex I have a 7 year old Son who is interested in learning Pianohis a beginner(Beginner)and I also needs a lesson teacher for year 2 that can also teach Spanish. Thanks

Maths (Primary) tutor in St John's Wood, Nw8

Posted by Nusrah A

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (Primary) tutor...

Computing (Degree) tutor in Battersea, sw11

Posted by Mohammad A

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Computing (Degree) tutor...

I would like to have lessons on Advanced Computing Techniques. The topics need to be covered are Distributed Systems, Networking, Socket Programming, Middleware development for RPC and RMI, Recap on XML, Webservices, Grid and Open Grid Service Architecture (OGSA), OGSI and WSRF, gLite middleware for WLM system and Grid Accounting Systems.

Computer Science (Degree) tutor in City of Westminster, w2

Posted by Alia Z

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Computer Science (Degree) tutor online I have an online exam on Monday that I need help in. The main topics are
Process management
Partition Sector Zero
Networking Calculations
Sub-netting Calculations

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