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Maths (AS) tutor in Brixton, SW2

Posted by: Roger H


I’m looking for someone to tutor me in preparation for the aptitude tests I require for an entrance exam.

The maths level isn’t all that high- probably GCSE. But the exams are quite pressurised. I need someone to help me with on-the spot mental maths, and having questions fired at me in-person. For example, orally responding to Speed=Distance/Time questions in an interview setting.

Up to: £35 per hour

Science (GCSE) tutor in Cockfosters, EN4

Posted by: Pauline L

I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) tutor as well as Math GCSE

Start next Sat am , weekly until May, board - Math edexcel , science AQA. Till May.

Aims to pass GCSE

Up to: £20 per hour

Psychology tutor in Lee Green, SE12

Posted by: Savannah C

I'm looking for a Forensic Psychology tutor... I'm in my second year of university and struggling.

ASAP weekly lessons

Up to: £35 per hour

Law tutor in West Brompton, SW10

Posted by: Emil W

I am doing the BPTC at BPP and am looking for some help in the lead up to the exams.

Up to: £50 per hour

History (Degree) tutor in Sw1v

Posted by: Saif T

I'm looking for a History (Degree) tutor... i have a 1000 word essay coming up soon for an extra module im taking in global histories; i need help to follow guidlines and score a 75+ on this essay as the essay questions are very simple. (Colombus, statues... etc)

Up to: £50 per hour

Government And Politics tutor in Putney, sw15

Posted by: Dina S

I'm looking for year 13 governement and politics A level
Starting soon. Once a week. . The aim would be at least C grade.

execel exam board

Up to: £20 per hour

English tutor in Feltham, TW13

Posted by: Pirathipan L

I'm looking for an English tutor who can help me to improve my language level. I need to improve my writing skill, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Up to: £20 per hour

Finance tutor in W1S

Posted by: Aalia S

I'm looking for a Finance tutor...

Up to: £70 per hour

Business Studies (A-Level) tutor in Edgware, Ha8

Posted by: Femi A

I'm looking for a Business Studies (A-Level) tutor... ( AQA)

Starting Wednesday 20th (if possible)

Business studies AQA

aim = Answering exam questions and techniques

Weekly online but will like to start off with a personal tutor

Up to: £35 per hour

English tutor in Mitcham, Cr4

Posted by: Jennifer S

Hi, I'm looking for a <subject> tutor...

Only afford 20 pound and hour Saturday at 1 or 2 o'clock - weekly lessons

starting ASAP

JONATHAN in year 8 they choosing options now and start their gcse subject in year 9 in September

Help with English homework - MAcbeth

Up to: £20 per hour

Piano (Beginner) tutor in Clapton, E5

Posted by: Bentzion C

Hi, I'm looking for a Piano (Beginner) tutor...

I would like to start as soon as possible. I would like to have weekly sessions.

Not in not under any exam,

my goal is to be able to give out my feelings with playing piano

Up to: £35 per hour

Psychology (A-Level) tutor in Becontree, RM9

Posted by: Kenny T

Hi, I'm looking for a Psychology (A-Level) tutor, I live in Dagenham and my name is Kenny. I am in Year 13 looking for a tutor for the next 3 months to get me through A-Level AQA Psychology and to teach me specific topics so I can understand and apply it to questions in the papers.

"Preferably by the end of this month; weekly lessons would be preferred; AQA ALEVEL Psychology; to achieve an A*, it currently on a B and a very quick learner

Up to: £20 per hour

Science (GCSE) tutor in Surrey Greater London, KT5

Posted by: Rinky D

I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) tutor...

I wanted to go over half term

Weekly Saturday mornings

Science exam board = AQA

Weekly lessons/half term support

aim = missed last few classes and needs some help catching up

Up to: £35 per hour

Chemistry (GCSE) tutor in Eltham, SE9

Posted by: Srijana P

Hi, I'm looking for a Chemistry (GCSE) tutor...

Up to: £35 per hour

Maths (A-Level) tutor in Streatham, sw16

Posted by: A M

My son is doing his first year of A levels and needs some help with further maths (AQA board)
Could you advise of your experience + your hourly charges if a) my son was to come to you and b) f you were to come to our home to teach him?
I look forward to hearing from you


Up to: £50 per hour

Statistics (Degree) tutor in Covent Garden, Wc2

Posted by: Sara M

Hi, I'm looking for a Statistics (Degree) tutor for my brothers.

5/6 weeks -> from Wednesday - Sunday. (2hrs each day)

Subject: Quantitative Methods and Information Systems for Business

Textbook: Berensen, M. & Levine, M. & Krehbiel, T. (2012) Basic Business Statistics. 12th Ed. Perason

Up to: £60 per hour

Piano (Intermediate) tutor in North Kensington, W10

Posted by: Eloy L

Hi, I'm looking for a Piano (Intermediate) tutor for my 15 years old to prepare grade 4 ABRMS.
Thank you,

Up to: £35 per hour

Maths tutor in W1k

Posted by: Judy G

I'm looking for a Maths and english tutor... I am hoping to start by next term, last week of April maybe? A weekly lessons on weekends please. Im hoping for someone who can tutor both English and Maths. My daughter is in Year 8. Just to help her with lessons at school and prepare for GCSE.

Up to: £35 per hour

Accounting And Finance Modules In MSC Management tutor in East London, E1

Posted by: Nicole F

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to help me with my Accounting and Finance and Decision-making modules in my MSc in Management.

Up to: £20 per hour

Physics tutor in Dartford, DA1

Posted by: School C

Hi there,

I hope this finds you well.

We may have contacted you in the past regarding some science/creative afterschool workshops in primary schools. I work for a company that provides after school programs and we are looking to staff two enrichment clubs starting on the 5th of March for 5 weeks in DA1 5GB. We provide all materials and lesson plans unless you are keen on creating your own. A valid DBS is required to run this club as it takes place in a school with around 14 students age 6-9. Monday will using Lego and Tuesday with be using a Robotics kit (KNEX). It is really easy basic building and understanding basic science, engineering and design skills. This is tailored for 6-10 year old students.

While I recognise that this may not be what you typically offer, after reading your profile I do believe you would be a wonderful fit for the club as it is tailored for a Science or Creative teacher!

The children will spend about 40 minutes building a themed structure (either Lego based or KNEX) followed by about 10 minutes to explain and tak about what they have made, even show it off and play with if it moves (motorisation).

The workshop runs every Monday and Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 for 5 weeks.

Do let me know if this is something that you would be interested in running! I would love to hear back from you and chat more about the position.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Up to: £50 per hour

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