London Tutor Jobs

Biology (A-Level) tutor in Tooting Bec, SW17

Posted by: Maryyam U

Hi, I'm looking for a Biology (A-Level) tutor...

Up to: £70 per hour

Early Years tutor in West Kensington, W14

Posted by: Lynn A

Hi, I'm looking for a Early Years tutor for my soon-to-be 6yo. He attends the American School in St Johns Wood but we live next to Holland Park W14. He has a lot of free time and enjoys art, is keen to do more science and wants to learn more maths and reading along the way. Ideally we would like a lesson twice a week.

Please let me know if you are interested. We’ve had great success with tutorfair and have had many wonderful tutors from this platform in the past.

Up to: £70 per hour

English tutor in Canary Wharf, E14

Posted by: Md Ashraful S

Hi, I'm looking for a English tutor... I need someone to help my daughter for her upcoming 11 plus test in January 2019 at city of london school for girls. Please reply. thank you

Up to: £100 per hour

French (Beginner) tutor in Earl's Court, SW5

Posted by: Golana A

Hi, I'm looking for a French (Beginner) tutor.
I have lived in Paris for a few months doing my exchange master programme there, nowadays I work with lots of company’s in France and west Africa so I need to be able to hear more of French and practice it, yes I’m definitely a beginner but I never studied it, so want to make the most out of it, evening or afternoon for twice per week, if that works also I live and work in south ken area so what’s the best convenient timing and place

Up to: £70 per hour

IELTS (Intermediate) tutor in ec4n

Posted by: Youliang Z

I'm looking for a IELTS (Intermediate) tutor... in London on Sundays ASAP

Up to: £35 per hour

Politics (A-Level) tutor in Islington, N1

Posted by: Tereza A

Hi, I'm looking for a Politics (A-Level) tutor...
We are base next to kings Cross do you teach around this area ?
Thank you

Up to: £35 per hour

English Literature (A-Level) tutor in Colindale, nw9

Posted by: Annette Y

Hello everyone

I'm a 2nd year medical student looking for a tutor for my sister in year 13. She's struggling quite a bit with English literature, and I want a tutor who understands the spec so she can maximise her grade.

Let me know if you'd be interested!


Up to: £35 per hour

Maths (11+) tutor in Clapham

Posted by: Minna G

Hi, I'm looking for a maths tutor for our son. He is in Y6 and we would like a session every week to go through what they have done at school to confirm understanding. We live in SW4, Clapham.


Up to: £35 per hour

Social Care And Health tutor in Golders Green, Nw11

Posted by: Gracie O

I'm looking for a Anatomy tutor... My daughter is doing Health and Social Care CTech, one of her exams in January is Anatomy.

Up to: £35 per hour

Piano (Advanced) tutor in Streatham, SW16

Posted by: Phillip F

I am looking for a piano tutor. I did my grades 1-8 a million years ago but haven't had a lesson for 20 years. I've reached a point where I really need to start learning again properly rather than just bashing through pieces badly. Musically I'm probably ok but technically I'm terrible!
I'm in south London.

Up to: £70 per hour

Science tutor in Enfield, EN1

Posted by: Kareen D

I'm looking for a Science Tutors for my daughter who is in year eleven, and lack confidence about her upcoming exams. Please contact me as soon as you're free where we can discuss further.

Thanks for your time

Up to: £100 per hour

Politics (A-Level) tutor in East London, E1

Posted by: Razzaq A

Hi, hope you`re well, I’m looking for A Level Economics &/or Politics Tutors.

This is part of a community initiative / supplementary school which I run called SmartSouls and we have 3 branches around London.


1.5 hours / 3 hours
121 student
This can take place anytime on the weekend between 9-8pm, or tuesdays or wednesdays between 5-8pm.
Pay: 17.5/hour
Start: asap - 20 October.

If you`re looking for more hours I can add another 4-6 hours on weekends, for gcse maths, english or science, within a week or two, if you can also tutor these subjects.

As this is a last minute request, this is on a first come first serve basis, so please do get in touch asap if you are interested and are available to commence asap and commit to the class every week.

This will be regular class so we would need someone who can commit to the students.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further. Regards,

Up to: £20 per hour

Special Needs tutor in Harlesden, NW10

Posted by: Nisha V

I'm looking for a Autism tutor...

Up to: £35 per hour

Latymer Upper School Admissions tutor in Tottenham, N17

Posted by: Patricia M

I'm looking for a Latymer Upper School Admissions tutor...

Up to: £100 per hour

Common Entrance Admissions tutor in Deptford, Se8

Posted by: Iroro B

I'm looking for a tutor who prepares for the 16+ common entrance exams

Up to: £70 per hour

Law tutor in Seven Sisters, N15

Posted by: Cedric R

I'm looking for a Business Law tutor...

Up to: £35 per hour

Thai tutor in Southwark, SE1

Posted by: Fayma B

I'm looking for a Somali tutor...

Up to: £100 per hour

Computer Science (Degree) tutor in Battersea, SW11

Posted by: Jawaher A

Hi, I'm currently studying Computer Science in King's and it's my first year and I need a tutor for computer systems class

Up to: £20 per hour

Piano tutor in Northwood, HA6

Posted by: Sayeeda M

Hi, I'm looking for a Piano tutor...

Up to: £35 per hour

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Clapham, SW4

Posted by: Abidemi B

Hello, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor for my daughter. She is currently at level 5 in her GCSE and she is in year 11. We want extra tuition to push her level up in time for her final exams. She is at level 7 across all other subjects so a little help in her maths will be great. She finishes school at 4.30pm everyday and so we would be looking for tuition on Wednesdays at 6pm if possible.

Please advise if you are available.

Many thanks,


Up to: £20 per hour

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