Edinburgh Tutor Jobs

UKCAT tutor in eh9

Posted by: Meenakshi B

I'm looking for a UKCAT tutor for home tutoring for my son and starting as soon as possible.

Guitar (Beginner) tutor in Eh3

Posted by: Benny H

I'm looking for a Guitar (Beginner) tutor...

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Eh14

Posted by: Uzma S

I'm looking for a Maths (National 5) tutor...

English Literature tutor in EH7

Posted by: Fiona A

I'm looking for a <English> tutor for National 5 - mainly critical essays on Jekyll and Hyde

Art tutor in EH16

Posted by: Dina A

Hi, I'm looking for an Art tutor to help me with my expressive and Design at higher level. Someone who is in the Edinburgh area preferably so I am able to meet in person but if not online is also fine.

English Literature tutor in EH3

Posted by: Tamara A

Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me write my proposal in English literature . Contemporary Poetry. I can meet the tutor in person within Edinburgh. Can you pls let me know about your availability?
With thanks

Science (GCSE) tutor in Mayfield

Posted by: Julie S

Hi, I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) tutor for my 15 year old dyslexic son either on a Tuesday or Wednesday after school. We live in Mayfield. Do you have any availability?



Maths (A-Level) tutor in Eh11

Posted by: Perveen M

Hi, I'm looking for a Math tutor for my son who’s doing national 5 and also looking for chemistry national 5 and English

Maths tutor in EH7

Posted by: Karen S

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths tutor for my 13 year old son. He is a second year pupil. Looking for someone who can improve his maths understanding and help him gain confidence working towards his NATS in 4th year.

Maths tutor in EH11

Posted by: Kate C

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths tutor. My son is at secondary school and needs support with Maths..

Maths tutor in eh8

Posted by: Sarah M

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths tutor as i need help with core 3 and 4 maths i was wounding if you would be available ?

Chemistry tutor in Eh4

Posted by: Shola R

I'm looking for a Chemistry (Higher Tier) tutor... and Maths

Science (GCSE) tutor in Eh8

Posted by: John L

Hi, I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) tutor... For my 13 years old

Engineering tutor in EH10

Posted by: Edward B

I'm looking for a Tekla strutures tutor...

Adobe Photoshop tutor in EH12

Posted by: Jess B

Hi, I'm looking for a Adobe Photoshop tutor. I am a complete beginner, but have an idea on what kinda things I want to produce eventually.

Please let me know if you are around this summer.



English tutor in Eh9

Posted by: Meenakshi B

Hi, I'm looking for a English tutor for my son he is doing national 5 please could you let me know your availability. Sat, Sunday good for any time. Thank you

Chemistry (A-Level) tutor in EH7

Posted by: Roslyn G

Hi, I'm looking for a Chemistry Higher tutor for my son, we are based in Edinburgh EH7.

Chemistry (Degree) tutor in EH9

Posted by: Annabel S

Hi, I'm looking for a Chemistry (Degree) tutor...
Hi I am looking for a chemistry tutor probably with a PHD in chemistry .
I am third year degree course chemistry with materials at Edinburgh University .

EFL tutor in East London, E1

Posted by: Muhammad H

I am looking for an English tutor as I would like to improve my spoken English.

Looking for mornings between 10 and 12 if possible.

Happy to travel if necessary. Looking to pay around £20/hour or less

Dyslexia Support tutor in EH10

Posted by: Anna D

I'm looking for a Dyslexia Support tutor for my ten-year-old son. Ideally, it would be someone who could evaluate what's happening with his reading and help him to improve it in ways that work for him.

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