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Maths (GCSE) tutor in Bedminster, BS3

Posted by: Melissa K

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor...I am due to be sitting a foundation maths exam in less than two weeks and I need someone to help me gain more confidence and to help with some subjects I’m stuck on. I require a tutor as soon as possible. Thank you.

English tutor in BS5

Posted by: Andrea R

Hi everybody,

I've just earned the Cambridge Advanced English certificate (overall Grade C) and now I want to take my English level to next step.

After one year of group classes, I feel the need of some more tailor made solution. In fact my use of english is now a C2 level whereas my listening is a B2.

As a consequence, in the next few months, I'd like to put more effort in improving my listening, pronunciation and fluency , though I'd like carry on improving also the other aspects of the language.

The ideal candidate should be a friendly and professional person with a demonstrable experience in the field and a strong passion for teaching. Also, I consider the knowledge of phonetic and the word stress important. Assertiveness and flexibility will be considered a plus!

I know I am an ambitious guy but I really look forward to achieving my next goals. If you feel you can help me to win my challenge contact me asap!! :D

Best regards,

Biology (Pre-U) tutor in Bristol, BS1

Posted by: Una M

I'm looking for a Biology tutor to assist with Foundation level resits in mid July

Science tutor in Bristol, BS1

Posted by: Una M

Hi, I'm looking for a Science tutor at Foundation level, immediately to help with July re-sits of biology and physics
I'm struggling with this site unfortunately.

Maths (11+) tutor in BS34

Posted by: Julie G

I'm looking for a Maths (11+) tutor...

Chemistry tutor in Bristol, BS1

Posted by: Najma H

I'm looking for a Chemistry tutor...

IELTS (Intermediate) tutor in Frenchay, bs16

Posted by: Giulia P

I'm looking for a IELTS (intermediate) tutor who can help me to get the right score I need to pass the exam.
I already had the exam but I need to improve my score to get to university.

Music (GCSE) tutor in BS7

Posted by: Kate S

Hi, I'm looking for a Music (GCSE) tutor... for my son Sam, 15, and about to sit Music GCSE. He's ok on performance and composition but needs help with the music interpretation and theory and study of set pieces. He's doing the Edexcel specification.

Do you think you can help?

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Clifton, BS8

Posted by: Claire M

Hello, we are relocating to Bristol next week and will need a tutor (either online or in person) to help get my daughter (17) through her maths GCSE. She sat it last year and gained a D, but she needs at least a C to move ahead with her career choice. She lived and studied in the UAE all her life, and has always struggled with Maths. Do you think you can you help?

Chemistry (A-Level) tutor in bs5

Posted by: Kelly L

Looking for an A Level chemistry tutor

Biology (A-Level) tutor in BS10

Posted by: Lissy P

Hi, I'm looking for a Biology (A-Level) tutor...for my daughter who is doing A level OCR biology AS and A level

English (Primary) tutor in Bs2

Posted by: Dino B

Hi, I'm looking for a English (Primary) tutor..
My niece is in year 6 and she needs help with her English.
Please, let me know if you can help.
Many thanks

Chemistry (A-Level) tutor in Frenchay, BS16

Posted by: Nichola C

I am looking for a tutor to support my son in A Level Chemistry. He is currently in year 12. He achieved A at GCSE and is hoping to study medicine at University. However, his predicted grade is B and his current grade is C. We live in Winterbourne Down but would be prepared to travel. Do you have any evening availability?

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Bs5

Posted by: Ismahan I

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths Gcse tutor I’m currently studying AQA GCSE Maths at college and was looking for extra help from one to one to tutor if possible to achieve the grade I want.

Kind regards

Science (GCSE) tutor in BS10

Posted by: Katy B

I'm looking for a Chemistry Biology Physics tutor... Im looking for a tutor to come to my home for my daughter who is studying for her GCSEs.

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Bs34

Posted by: Nicola B

I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor...

Physics tutor in BS10

Posted by: Abdelazim Y

I'm looking for a physics tutor for my son for IGCSE. He is sitting his exam in may and we would preferably like a tutor as soon as possible.
He is available most days at anytime as he is homeschooling.

Biology tutor in Bristol, bs1

Posted by: Natalie S

I'm looking for a Biology tutor...

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Frenchay, BS16

Posted by: Ipek B

Hi, me and my friend are looking for a Gcse Maths tutor and was wondering how much it would be for you to tutor two students together? Thankyou

English Language (A-Level) tutor in Frenchay, bs16

Posted by: Hajra F

Hi, I'm looking for a English Language (A-Level) tutor. I am currently at a B grade but need extra help and some essays to be marked to reach an A/A* grade. My teacher has advised me to find a tutor as she doesn't have enough time to mark all of my work. I would like to start ASAP.



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