Bristol Tutor Jobs

Chemistry tutor in BS6

Posted by George F

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Chemistry tutor. Sophia is doing A levels - Biology Chemistry and geography. Wanting to get into Bristol Vet School. Needs help with Organic Chemistry. Sophia says first session would be going over some of the baseline knowledge upon which A level builds. i.e. to consolidate - not to teach from scratch - if that makes sense.

Chemistry (GCSE) tutor in BS7

Posted by Yousuf R

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Chemistry and Biology (GCSE) tutor.

Music (GCSE) tutor in Bristol

Posted by Samantha T

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Music (GCSE) help my son in year 11.

11 Plus tutor in Frenchay, BS16

Posted by Zahera M

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a 11 Plus tutor. My daughter is currently in year 6 and would like to sit the entrance exam for Red Maids Girls School in Bristol.
The exam is on Saturday 16th January 2021. My daughter is quite shy but quite capable academically.

In anticipation.


Primary tutor in bs20

Posted by Chloe Y

Up to: £50 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Primary tutor for my six year old son. He will be going into year 2 in September and he is struggling with his English,Maths and reading. Can you please let me know if you would be able to help and how many hours/days a week he will need.

Electronic Engineering tutor in Bristol, Bs1

Posted by Ghanim A

Up to: £50 per hour

I'm looking for a Electronic Engineering tutor...

English (GCSE) tutor in BS5

Posted by Hamza S

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a English (GCSE) tutor to teach me at my house

Science (GCSE) tutor in Clifton, BS8

Posted by Amanda E

Up to: £50 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) for all three Sciences
Are you able to come to our home to tutor ?
Many thanks

English (Keystage2) tutor in BS9

Posted by Cassandra F

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a English (Keystage2) tutor...

Computer Science (GCSE) tutor in BS5

Posted by Foos A

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Computer Science (GCSE) tutor...

Law tutor in Bristol, BS1

Posted by Mona M

Up to: £70 per hour

I have been let down at the 11 th hour by a tutor
I sent him a draft on Wednesday and he said he’d get back by Friday evening but nothing
The deadline is Tuesday midnight . The subject is below
'Despite initial reaction to the Factortame judgements dramatically proclaiming that 'Parliament had achieved the impossible' and bound its successors into compliance with EU law, we now know better. It is now clear-especially from the decision in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5- that the UK's membership of EU had a far more modest impact on parliamentary sovereignty than was at one time thought'. Discuss (3000 words)
I have written a draft which needs work
I am desperate

Physics tutor in BS7

Posted by Yasmin O

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a Physics tutor in BS7

Piano (Beginner) tutor in Bs4

Posted by Sarah F

Up to: £35 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for a Piano (Beginner) tutor...

My daughter April is 12 and has learned the flute to basic level but would live now to learn Piano.

Tuesday after school is not a good day nor is Thursday or Wednesday but any other day is perfect.

Hope we can work soothing out.

Sarah (April’s Mum)

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Bs4

Posted by Allan B

Up to: £70 per hour

Hi, my son is studying A level economics and needs help with de coding questions and improving his answer technique. Can you assist.
My son is Kian and he is 17 with a target result of an A

Thanks, Allan.

English Literature (A-Level) tutor in bs14

Posted by Tamelia S

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I'm looking for an English Literature (A-Level) tutor to help out with getting back on track with my English a level as I'm starting to see a lot of fluctuation in my grades recently and would like to get it sorted as early on as I can

I'm in my first year of 6th form and I'm doing English lit under the OCR exam board

my main problems are structures and getting my head around how to do well in a level English lit

Biology tutor in Winterbourne, BS36

Posted by Myki A

Up to: £20 per hour

Hi, I am a mature student studying an Access to nursing and midwifery course with the DLC, my tutor is completely disinterested so I am teaching myself through Google and an excellent array of text books. However UWE have recently changed their grade boundaries meaning I now must achieve a distinction in 30 credits and merit in the remaining 15. I am seeking a tutor who can assist me with really getting to grips with studying for my next three modules which are: Aspects of Human Physiology, Human Reproductive Biology, Macromolecules and Key Biology Principle. I would love someone who can start immediately. I am available Mon, Thurs and Fri evenings, weekends, Tuesdays 9am - 3pm, Thursdays 9am - 6pm. I am happy to come to you or have you come to me in Winterbourne but I definitely want face to face tuition. Many thanks,

Science (GCSE) tutor in Bristol

Posted by K N

Up to: £20 per hour

I'm looking for a Science (GCSE) tutor...

Science (GCSE) tutor in Avonmouth, bs11

Posted by Amelya H

Up to: £35 per hour

Hiya! i take triple science as a subject, so i am graded individually on each one, biology chemistry and physics. I would really like to excel in these subjects, due to the future i am after. i would like a tutor able to tutor these 3 subjects?

Philosophy (Degree) tutor in bristol

Posted by Sophie P

Up to: £35 per hour

I'm looking for a tutor specifically for philosophy of language.

Statistics (Degree) tutor in BS6

Posted by Pierre G

Up to: £50 per hour

I'm looking for a Statistics (Degree) tutor to help me with R programming

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