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Friendly English Tutor with an Academy-Award Background

"Rahul surpassed my hopes and expectations by bringing a maturity and confidence I had yet to see in my son. My son now enjoys school more than ever before!"

If you’re here on Tutorfair browsing profiles, you’re probably looking for someone to help you or your child improve their command of the English language, pass their exams, or both. Whether you (or your child) need to:

- improve your English

- study for entrance exams for private school / university

- write essays for university applications

- revise essays so they are clear and cogent

- sculpt creative writing into original work

- prepare and rehearse public speeches

I can help you with this. With over 800 hours of tutoring across multiple countries, I’ve helped students get into universities with full scholarships both here in the U.K. (Imperial) and in the United States. I’ve helped students find their unique voice in writing original essays and personal statements. I’ve helped foreign students build their confidence and English fluency. And finally, I’ve helped younger students with English literature and language.

One reason why my past students have done well is that I work with a select set of students at any one time. This allows me to fully focus on getting to know you or your child, figure out where you need help, and develop a customised path and strategy for you.

My background is in film directing, where I’ve received an Academy Awards shortlist for my writing and directing work. In fact, a lot of my directing work has been with children. I have found that the very skills needed to get a natural and realistic performance from a child actor are the exact set of skills needed to tutor anyone.

The stress of a film production is very similar to the stress that you or your child may feel in a competitive school or learning environment. Half of my job in both arenas, I have found, is giving you the customised encouragement to believe that you can actually do an excellent job and then support you with select guidance / teaching in attaining your goal.

With enough time and care, I’ve seen students reach heights they couldn’t believe was possible in the first place. I receive an immeasurable amount of pleasure when I see my students not only succeed, but also have a newfound confidence that they can tackle future challenges that life puts before them.

Give yourself or your child the individualised attention that will allow you to succeed. Please message me if you think I may be able to help you or your child. Let’s make your success a reality.

ps. I can teach multiple subjects for younger students (11+).

pps. If you don’t find a time slot that works for you, contact me anyways and we’ll find something that works.
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Reviews and References

There are 8 reviews or references for Rahul.

Written by Sunita G

Effective Teacher for Foreign Student

I have used Rahul multiple times to help me with my English. English is my second language and I did not have confidence writing and presenting in English. He taught me how to use correct English in my essays. When I couldn't write something properly, he would refine my English to the level of a native speaker.

He was also very patient to teach me how to speak English. He gave me the confidence to speak without fear. I know my English is not perfect, but I feel more confident speaking with a native speaker.

I recommend him to anyone who is learning English as a second language. Since he has lived in many countries, he is very used to speaking with foreigners and figuring out what we are want to say. He is a very good tutor.

Thank you Rahul for your patience and understanding in improving my English!
English Language
Increased confidence in writing and speaking English.
Written by Sandra Pires C

Rahul's Guidance Helped Me Get Into Imperial

What can I say? With Rahul's guidance and wisdom, I crafted a great personal statement which helped me get into Imperial. While my grades were already stellar, it was the application process that I had trouble with. Without help, I'd have written a lacklustre application packet. In comparison, my original personal statement did not read well!
Rahul was instrumental in getting my thoughts on paper. He got me to find experiences unique to me and then got me to put those experiences into my personal statement to convey why I was a good fit for the specific university in mind. In addition, Rahul helped tighten the writing before I sent off my applications.
In the end, my personal statement read more like an evocative story than standard personal statements that I've read or done in the past. Not only was I wow-ed by what I had come up with, I got multiple offers to masters' programmes across the country - including Imperial with a full studentship. I really owe Rahul much, much more than I received.
Got into a science master's programme at Imperial College London with a full studentship.
Written by Maura M

Master Tutor in Creative Writing

Rahul is without a doubt the most encouraging tutor I've ever had. I've been pursuing a creative writing degree, and I've always been plagued with self-doubt as well as writer's block for most of my life.

Working with Rahul was my antidote that unblocked me! He not only knew how to kickstart my creativity, he was very good at giving feedback. Most people give lazy feedback comments that aren't useful. But Rahul - being an accomplished writer himself - knew which questions to ask. Pointed questions that uncovered my blind spots, helped me fill out my characters, and clarify my narrative.

Not only was he such fun to work with, he helped me sculpt my work such that I received a distinction for my degree.

I fully recommend him for all you creative types out there. He'll not only improve your writing, he'll infuse you with newfound confidence in your writing.
Creative Writing
Received a distinction for my creative writing degree.
Written by Andreas E

Improved my son’s confidence and ability in English

When I initially contacted Rahul, he replied promptly and we proceeded to chat about my concerns with my son, who was finding his studies difficult.

When my son and I finally met Rahul, I had a sense he was going to be the perfect tutor. Not only was he highly-educated, he was able to hone in on my son’s challenges and adapt this tutoring accordingly.

Rahul was able to make my son’s subjects relevant to him. He found a way of changing my son’s views towards literacy and English, such that my son began to improve. His teachers began to notice the difference - his essays were well thought-out and refined.

My son’s confidence began to grow and this had a knock-on effect with his other subjects. While I had hoped for improved grades at school, Rahul surpassed my hopes and expectations by bringing a maturity and confidence I had yet to see in my son. My son now enjoys school more than ever before!

Without a doubt, I fully recommend Rahul.
Better marks and increased confidence for my 16-year old son.
Written by David V

Fantastic Tutor

I was extremely lucky to have Rahul as a tutor for my 9-year old daughter. Not only was he prompt in our initial communication, he spent the time first listening not just to me but more importantly to my daughter regarding the challenges she was having at school.

And then, he reached out to her teachers to stay consistent with words and process. And then he was able to creatively figure out how to unlock my daughter’s difficulties such that she now enjoys her English classes. We were so impressed by Rahul's high expectations yet nurturing approach that we pretty much “forced” him to tutor her in her math as well. It was mostly to help her get ahead and further enjoy the process of learning which Rahul brought to her.

Although he was hesitant at first, he went the extra mile in looking at the curriculum for math, did the necessary reading up, and then guided my daughter. Rahul has the knack of taking any idea, breaking it down into simple bits, and guiding / teaching by analogy so that my daughter could understand her school lessons. He made learning fun for my daughter!

Suffice it to say that I’m now a less worried father about my daughter’s performance in school! Rahul is worth his weight in gold.
Increased confidence and improved grades (Cs / Bs -> As).
Written by Miles M

He Made Lessons Fun for My Daughter

Brilliant tutor who not only got my six-year old’s confidence way up but also improved her English. Given Rahul’s background in film directing, I noticed he used a lot of specific film techniques (role playing and games) to teach my daughter. He made it fun for her and kept her attention throughout her lessons – that alone being a grand accomplishment. Highly recommend Rahul to tutor younger children, as he has bucket loads of patience, empathy, and focus without making lessons drab.
Made learning fun. Improved my daughter’s English. Got her to pay more attention in school.
Written by Jack C

Helped Me With My Presentation

Rahul helped me with my presentation. Not only did he give me constructive criticism, he also gave tips in presentation skills, public speaking, and English refinement.

He refined my thought process and ended up making my presentation more cogent. In essence, he directed me in producing a standout performance and made me feel absolutely confident that I would do well in presenting my ideas.
Public Speaking
Successful presentation that effectively conveyed my ideas.
Written by Kalpna R

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Education and Qualifications

Rahul's education and qualifications are listed below.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
BA: Chinese Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science
London Film School
MA: Film Directing


Prizes and Scholarships

Academy Awards Shortlist
British Independent Film Awards Nominee
Student Academy Awards Nominee

James B. Angell Scholar (maintaining all A's (1st) throughout undergraduate education)
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Golden Key
William J. Barnstorm Freshman Prize

£30,000 bursary for undergraduate education in the United States


Subjects taught by Rahul are listed below.


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