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CURRENTLY CONDUCTING MOCK 11+ entry examinations

**Currently organising several sessions of mock 11+ tests in preparation for the upcoming entry examinations for top UK independent schools.

I specialise in entry examinations for private schools in London including Eton, St. Paul's, Westminster, King's College and Wimbledon and have over 10 years of experience preparing students for all aspects of the exam.
My main speciality and reason for being a successful tutor is in helping students who are achieving remarkably low grades, and have upcoming exams. In the past, I have tutored a number of students who achieved grade D and below in mocks before their important GCSE, A level, IB exams (almost all of them attending top London private schools) and their parents and guardians contacting me as a form of an intervention. I start by getting to know the student, reason for their performance and organise a revision plan for the coming weeks/days. Majority of the time, it is due to the student being in an extremely competitive environment, being under immense pressure and feeling demoralised and showing a lack of faith in their own ability. With the right kind of encouragement and teaching, students show remarkable progress and go on to achieve A*s and As.

I have been tutoring for over 10 years and have experience of teaching in both classrooms and on one-to-one basis. I have taught a variety of subjects to a variety of age groups, clocking up 10,000+ hours of tuition. I am currently a top tutor for a prestigious London tutoring company. I have experience of teaching students attending London's top private schools such as Colet Court, St Paul's, Westminster and Eton. I am extremely organised and plan each lesson meticulously. I have excellent track record of helping students achieving high grades in a very short amount of time. I have worked with a number of elite clients, with a very positive response.

One of the main reasons for my excellent track record is that I only work with a selected few clients at a time. This allows me plan my lessons to a high level, offer flexibility and have a good understanding of my students. As a tutor, it is my role not just to teach but also provide students with emotional support and guidance, which in turn is seen through an improvement in their learning.

I started tutoring while at college. I was based 5 minutes from one of the country’s top grammar schools and started preparing students for 11+ entry examination (Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning) as a part time job. The sessions became so popular that for the next several years, along with my siblings (Oxford and UCL graduates) we started to hold regular summer sessions to prepare the students for the grammar school entry examination.

After moving to London for university I started tutoring locally, specialising in Maths, Science, English and 11+ and 13+ entry examinations. I started working with a number of high profile clients after getting good reviews and recommendations. I regularly teach students attending London’s top private schools, with excellent results. I currently also work with a top tutoring agency Titanium Tutors as a Band 5 tutor (their longest-standing and most experienced tutors). I have taught internationally and as a holiday tutor with loyal clients based in Dubai and France.

I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the prestigious King’s college London. I also took part in research and worked in hospitals abroad. While still at university, I was able to research and co-write a scientific paper, which was later published in BMC, an internationally acclaimed medical journal (Serum ferritin levels, socio-demographic factors and desferrioxamine therapy in multi-transfused thalassemia major patients at a government tertiary care hospital).

I only commit to my clients after ensuring I am the best and most suitable tutor for their needs. I only have a set number of clients at any point ensuring that I able to fully commit to each family and offer them a flexible schedule, dealing with any last minute emergency sessions. Please contact me with any questions and for specific timing slots, as I have available sessions which are not listed. Also please confirm all lessons prior to any bookings as some lessons are reserved.
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Reviews and References

There are 13 reviews or references for Qandeel.

Written by Valentin C

Great tutor

When I arrived to England in 2009, my English was very archaic. I was unable to express myself properly, I was hesitating and I made many grammatical mistakes.
Qandeel was able to help me with English grammar, more more importantly bring me the confidence I needed to speak comfortably without being ashamed of making mistakes.
Thanks to Qandeel, I was able to obtain a high 2.1 at a Masters Degree and get a job in a big 4 auditing firm.
Written by Veneet S

Fantastic Tutor

Qandeel taught me Biology and chemistry A'Level. I was very happy with her teaching as she helped me understand the topics I struggled with and devised revision plans/strategies, all of which helped to improve my grade from a C to A. Furthermore, she helped me prepare for Dentistry interviews which I have been successful at as I am currently studying Dentistry at University of Liverpool.
Grade improved from C to A. Successfully gained a place at university of Liverpool to study Dentistry
Written by Sobia I

Very proactive and knowledgeable

I used Qandeel to teach me Biology which I really struggle with. You could tell she was genuinely passionate about teaching and working with other people. She had a flexible approach to teaching which really helped me as I can get bored easily, and most importantly she made sure she was always available when I needed extra lessons, or just general help. I would recommend her to all.
I became more confident in my knowledge and grades were better.
Written by Moe K

Great tutor

My family and i hired Qandeel to tutor my younger brother in science over the summer for his entrance exam to a new school.
Qandeel is very knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about tutoring.

My Brother enjoyed his lessons with her, i would definitely recommend her for anyone who's looking to improve science skills.
My brother got accepted into the new school.
Written by Raya H

Approchable and reliable tutor!

Qandeel tutored my 17 year old daughter in Maths for her entrance exams to University.
The sessions went smoothly. Qandeel was always punctual, reliable and provided a lot of support for any questions my daughter had outside tutoring hours.
I would highly recommend Qandeel as she has a wide knowledge in the subject, is very helpful and supportive
My daughter aced her Maths exams
Written by Arslan W

Qandeel is an exceptional tutor, who helped many of our students

Qandeel has helped a number of our struggling students with their 11+ preparation with great results. She recommended the right books and covered math, english, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. She dealt with some of our most problematic and struggling students, and encouraged them with kindness and patience. It would be an honour for me to recommend her anyone.
11 Plus
Students successfully getting their places at their desired competitive schools.
Written by Tharindu F

Qandeel is an excellent professional tutor

Qandeel has a certain quality about her that she employs to bring even stubborn students, such as my son, onside. I cannot commend her enough, she is everything you want in a tutor: professional, diligent and patient.
My son made a huge improvement and achieved the grades necessary to get the offer from the university he wanted.
Written by Sophia B

Fantastic Tutor!

Ms Qandeel Zafar was the best and most memorable tutor I've had. She clearly explained the subject's concepts with enthusiasm, fun energy and a sense of humour. She built my confidence and interest in Biology, which motivated me to work hard during and outside of our lessons. I'm grateful for all of her efforts!
A Grade in A Level Biology
Written by Fatima Z

Great, experienced tutor

Qandeel is a great tutor who has been teaching for over 10 years. She is enthusiastic about her subjects as well as being knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend her.
Many successful years as an experienced tutor
Written by Kate P

Excellent tutor, known for many years

I have known Qandeel many years as a tutor and can vouch for her incredible teaching standards. She genuinely cares about her students, is knowledgeable about her subjects and extremely well organised and efficient. I would be more than happy to recommend her.
11 Plus
Many students successfully entering prestigious London School's
Written by Mandy G

Biology (GCSE)
Written by Kristina T

Initial Consultation with Qandeel

Qandeel was very thorough in her explanations to the questions which I had and also offered good information on what to expect going forward in preparing for exams and in school generally. She took the time to listen to me as well as to my daughter and really tried to understand what our goals were from this first meeting. I appreciated her "initial consultation rate" and thought she had a calming and intelligent demeanor.
We have agreed to set up a mutually convenient time to begin a few lessons. I would, at this point, like to negotiate a favourable rate first however.
Written by Alka D

Chemistry (GCSE)
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Education and Qualifications

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King's College London
Biomedical Sciences
Upper 2nd class honours


A Levels
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  • - Biology
  • - Chemistry
  • - Business Studies
  • - General Studies
  • - Urdu
  • - English Language


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