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Professional full-time tutor based in Chiswick

**Limited Regular Slots Remaining - See Below**

Since 2009 I have worked as a private tutor. To date I have taught in excess of 2,000 hours across a wide range of subjects (see below) in the UK and abroad. Having enjoyed tutoring immensely in this time, I began tutoring full-time in September 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. Since August 2014, I have been based in the beautiful West London town of Chiswick. I am available for home lessons most days (see below).

-= Tutoring Experience in Subjects =-
I tutor mathematics, physics and computing from ages 12 to 19.
For more details of subjects and specification experience, read below.

I have prepared two students for the Merchant Taylor 13+ entrance papers.
For GCSE (and iGCSE) I have taught several year 9 to 11 students in preparation for higher level.

This includes home-schooling a student in year 11 the complete final year of GCSE mathematics.

At A level I have tutored four of the exam boards. Namely - AQA, Edexcel, OCR and MEI at AS and A2.

I have home schooled the entirety of Edexcel IAL (International A level) mathematics at AS and A2.

I have tutored both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) International Baccalaureate (IB) mathematics. This includes feedback on IB coursework.

I have also taught both the physics and mathematics (where appropriate) for the BMAT and UKMAT medical entrance examinations.

I have taught both double and triple award science at (i)GCSE.
At A level I have taught four examination boards. Namely - AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC at AS and A2.
I have home schooled two students the entirety of Edexcel IAL (International A level) physics at AS and A2.
I possess extensive experience preparing a wide variety of A level students for the Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT).
I have tutored topics in special relativity, mechanics and electricity & magnetism to university level students.

Computing / Computer Science
I have tutored both AS and A2 AQA computer science (including the new syllabus) at A level.
In addition I have taught AQA (old and new syllabus) GCSE computer science.
In both cases this includes software engineering tasks using Python.
From my own time as a PhD student I have extensive experience using Python as a tool for data analysis.

Over the years I have built an excellent selection of physics and mathematics textbooks, which I bring (where appropriate) to classes.
Additionally I am building a collection of popular science texts for physics and computing.

-= Availability and Travel =-
Approximate times available until Christmas 2017.
No weekday spaces currently available.
Tuesday :: 4:30pm to 5:30pm (Ealing, Chiswick Area only)
Wednesday :: 6:00pm to 8:00pm (Ealing, Chiswick Area only)
Thursday :: 7:00pm to 8:00pm (Ealing, Chiswick Area only)
Sunday :: 13:00pm to 17:00pm (North London Area only)

Sessions are typically one hour long.
Longer sessions can be arranged, however this is recommended for A level students only.
Irregular classes outside of availability listed can be arranged for an additional cost.

-= Location of Sessions =-
I am based in Chiswick (W4), West London.
Sessions can take place in London at your home, at a public place (such as coffee shop or library) or online.

West London Area
I'm happy to travel to clients in zone 3 West London as well zone 1 and 2 central London.
As lessons are reached by bicycle or public transport lessons outside of these areas require additional travel time (and therefore additional cost).
Please see the map below for a clearer idea of my operating area.

I have a HD 1080p web camera, computer tablet (for mathematics & diagrams) and fibre-optic broadband.
Operating via Skype or Google Hangouts, I have tutored both physics and mathematics at various levels for domestic and international clients.

Outside Travel Area
For clients based further out, a middle point such a coffee shop or library can be work well.
For clients outside of London, I'm happy to discuss your needs.

-= The First Class Together =-
Stress from falling behind in a subject, or an impending exam, can and does impede learning.
The first task therefore is to put the student at ease.
I try to accomplish this by being friendly, approachable and perhaps the most important attribute - patient.

Next it is a matter of identifying where the student is academically and where the students needs to be.
Whether that is a grade that needs improving or content that needs catching up on, a clear goal with a clear timeframe is an essential starting point.

Thirdly I aim to set short and medium term goals towards the final aim.
For instance these can be completion of sections of material or mock examinations in specific modules.
This is done to assess progress through the material so that work load on the student can be fairly set.

-= My Tutoring Philosophy =-

In nearly all cases my job as a tutor is to fix one of three issues.

1. 'domain knowledge' : These are cases where the student has forgotten or completely misunderstood the material. Depending on the volume of material to cover, this is generally just a matter of time and is the easiest problem to fix. For most cases material can be taught by example. Following this questions can be attempted in class with further work on the content left as additional training. Future classes will refer back to this content to determine how ingrained material has become with the student. For some, this will mean a short 5 minute review per session, for others this can mean dedicating a third of each class towards building long-term memory. Ideally I would test on new content on a one day, one week, one month and two month basis per topic area. In this way topics are learnt properly, solidifying important concepts for further education.

2. 'Slip ups' : These are the multitude of 'silly mistakes' we all make from time to time. For some students this could be forgetting to write out full methodology or other cases consistently introducing errors into algebra. These slip ups can seem much more frustrating than simply not knowing the material. These issues are harder to identify, but over regular sessions getting to know a student, these slip ups become apparent. Once identified, I can suggest heuristics to counter the issue before the mistake is made. For instance converting all numbers in a physics exercise into SI standard form. Another method might be having a rigid checklist to follow on specific questions. Whilst inconvenient at first, this kind of technique works well.

3. 'Exam Technique' : Broadly put this is to understand fully what a question is asking and how to go about answering it. For some this can mean parsing a question in understandable English. For others it can be identifying the intentional pitfalls that many examiners introduce. In nearly all cases improving exam technique is a matter of attention to detail. This is especially important in A level mathematics where a small misunderstanding can cost the student a whole grade boundary.

The first step therefore is to build familarity with the style of questions a student may be asked to answer. Initial efforts begin by seeing how students interpret intentionally vague questions on a subject. Whilst most certainly unfair this is a neccesary step in teaching the student to see themes and required topics to bring to bear in a given question. The next (effective) method has a student sit a mock examination and mark the paper themselves according to the official mark scheme. Contrasting this with the examiners report (a document typically describing the successes and failures of the cohort sitting the actual exam) can be very eye opening for the student. This is especially helpful with students for whom the disparity between their knowledge and their exam grades is unclear. Thirdly, exposure to harder questions than those that will be on the exam paper. This has two effects. This helps build mastery in a given topic. Once a student finds that a topic is easy, questions on that material no longer seem as scary or stressful. This is also means more of the exam time is spent on the harder material.

-= About Me =-

Having completed my philosophy doctorate (PhD) at UCL in January 2016, I have decided to continue full-time tutoring in London. Prior to this I completed a masters degree (MRes) at the University of Cambridge and a masters in physics (MPhys) from the University of Manchester.
In my spare time I cook a great deal, I read interesting books and I travel.
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Reviews and References

There are 16 reviews or references for Mark.

Written by Edek M

Physics is Awesome

Mark Stephen Brown taught me A Level Physics for a year at a private tutoring organization, and I acknowledge with hindsight that I was not the easiest student. I always enjoyed the subject but was not a hard worker. Mark went beyond his job when he tried to help me develop a work ethic outside of class, by referencing me to countless sources of information about science and generally trying to deepen my interest. He showed me, to teach me more about semiconductor physics, as well as recommended a first year university physics text (Roger Muncaster Fourth Edition) amongst other things. Since he is also interested in some computer science, and knew out I wanted to find out more, he explained some basic concepts to me (searching large volumes of numerical data) combining my fascination in mathematics. He even went so far as to write up a program suggested by me as part of his coding practice. In short, I wouldn't say Mark spends all of his time preparing for tutoring, it's precisely because he spends so much time doing his own research and keeping up to date on current events in the academic world that he provides such an exceptional education.
An excellent tutor in every way
Written by Patryk R


Very good teacher
Written by Ania T

One of the best tutor

Mark Brown was my tutor for A-levels in physics the past academic year. He introduced me to the whole course in 9 months only and helped me to get A mark in physics.
Mark is one of the best tutor's I've ever worked with, not only does he provide an excellent level of academic knowledge but also he listens to the tutee and tries to address their needs. Mark explained to me very carefully every aspect I had a problem with and went through the most demanding examples. He was also very fair with marking my homework always willing to point out areas I had to improve, he did it however in non stressful way.
He also tried to provide me a broader view on a subject that I would get from the books and to show me the real life application of the topic we were discussing, since he know I was interested in engineering.
Mark also organised laboratories for me so I could understand the relation between certain fields of physics better.
He always kept notes about my lectures and any questions so the lessons were very organised which was extremely helpful during hectic weeks of May and June.
Overall I would definitely say that Mark is very professional and working with him was a great pleasure.
Getting into UCL Mechanical Engineering Master's course
Written by Sarin T

CE Maths 13+

Mark has been tutoring my son for a while now. In that time he has identified his weaknesses and his learning style. He is patient, thorough and knowledgeable. I would recommend him without hesitation.

CE exams January 2016
Written by Bradly K

Industrious and thorough

Dr Brown was my colleague and housemate for twelve months, over the course of which I had the pleasure and privilege of observing him in his professional work. Dr Brown, as a PhD must, displays commitment to his students and to his work. Planned and organized, Dr Brown's lessons exemplify duty and attentiveness. Genuinely concerned about the welfare of his students, Dr Brown goes above and beyond to tend to the individual needs of his clients, customizing curricula to match every student's unique wants and needs. Especially laudable is Dr Brown's keen foresight, using his knowledge and experience to direct his students' educations to their futures.

Throughout my seven years of tutoring, I have had the chance to interact with many educators, students and clients. Dr Brown's credit goes specifically to his tenacity and quick uptake: Dr Brown learns and adapts quickly to every environment.
Grade A at A2
Written by Rachel B

Advanced Maths (A-Level)
Written by Peter G

Well prepared & interesting Tutor

I would recommend Mark B - came well prepared, my son felt much more confident on his areas of weakness in Physics and Maths
Also gave some useful ideas on university courses
Physics (A-Level)
Written by Felicity M


I was having a lot of difficulties answering exam questions under time pressure and Mark was able to help me fully grasp the correct exam technique. He gave brilliant, clear explanations and his passion for the subject gave me motivation to work hard. He is punctual, organised and a great physics tutor.
a greater understanding of the subject and motivation to do well in the subject!
Written by Amie J


Mark tutored our daughter for 6 months, once or twice a week, for 6 months leading up to her A level exams. She was being taught at school as well, but having separate sessions with Mark was a great help and a boost to her confidence.

Mark is explains everything very well. He's patient, organised and punctual.

We recommend him highly.

Grade A (OCR)
Written by Silva D

Mark connects very well with our son which is the important element. He seems to be learning new skills every week and building his confidence which is key. Look forward to more sessions with Mark.
Maths (Common Entrance)
Written by Will J

Outstanding tutor in physics

We are extremely grateful to Mark for his tuition. He tutored my son for 6 months in the run-up to his physics A level and managed to lift his grades as well as his interest and confidence. Mark has excellent subject knowledge, he is clear in his explanations, encouraging, reliable, punctual and flexible. He always responded promptly to any questions my son to him by email between lessons and provided useful extension tasks. I would highly recommend him.
My son gained an A* in physics although he had never been predicted more than an A. Mark must take full credit for the difference he made to my son's performance.
Written by Matt S

Computer Coding

My boys 11 & 13 thoroughly enjoyed their first coding session with Mark.
Computer Science (GCSE)
We'll be booking Mark weekly!
Written by Patricia D

First impression is great.

Mark seems to be be very knowledgeable and has a practical and hands on approach. We look forward to more sessions
Mechanics (A-Level)
Written by Matt S

Computer Science (GCSE)
Written by Arina S

Physics (GCSE)
Written by Silva D

Good Job!

Mark was an excellent tutor for my son, he was able to engage and explain problems in a very straightforward manner and they formed a great partnership.
Maths and Science
Gained entry into our chosen school
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Education and Qualifications

Mark's education and qualifications are listed below.


University of Cambridge
MRes - Photonic Systems Development
University of Manchester
MPhys - Physics
2:1 (Hons)
University College London
PhD - The Timing Performance of Scintillator Detectors


Loreto Sixth Form College
A Levels
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  • - Physics
  • - Maths
  • - Computing
Stretford Grammar
 less ▾ more ▸
  • - Science
  • - Maths

Other Qualifications

MPhys - University of Manchester
MRes - Cambridge University
PhD - University College London


Subjects taught by Mark are listed below.


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