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Passionate educator who gets excellent results from students

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I became completely fascinated with learning when I was fifteen and at music summer school, and our guest conductor said and I quote “You never learn an instrument, you learn about yourself in order to learn to master an instrument.” Applying this to other academic education I soon realised the better an individual knows their brain and how it works the more that they can achieve. As such I am an enthusiastic, creative and proactive educator, who believes that any student can learn anything, as long as they have the desire to do so and the right help. “Knowledge is power” and it should be used to accomplish a great deal in furthering ones education. I love tutoring, and it gives me great joy to see my student exceed their expectations.

No two students are identical and as such a great deal of care needs to be taken to find out each individuals specific style, needs and objectives. I tailor my tuition for each client differently, looking at the ultimate goal (their career/profession). I then break it down into manageable steps, and walk the client through each step until they are confident enough to take the steps themselves. I commit to my student and empower them to achieve their overall goal. I make learning fun so that the student never forgets what they have learnt and I make it as personal and relevant as possible.
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Reviews and References

There are 12 reviews or references for Lathi.

Written by Mariame C

A life saver and results focused.

Lathi was in my employ from June 2013 to March 2013. She tutored my son Hakim, for ten common entrance exams for independent school; seven schools in London and three outside London. Lathi did really fantastic job with Hakim and pushed him to achieve high marks with Mathematics, English and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

She was very conscientious and kept in touch after tuition had stopped, to find out the results of the exams. Hakim has taken up a place at The Oratory Reading with a full scholarship which he received on merit. This would not have been possible without Lathi’s help and persistence and am extremely grateful to her.

11 Plus
Full Scholarship to top Private School
Written by Adelina P

Good Maths Tutor

To: The Tutorfair

Lathi has been the tutor for my 16 year old son for the past 2 years, in the first year of tutoring she took him from a grade C in mathematics to a grade A in maths GCSE, in no less than five months.
She is highly specialized at Mathematics and the Sciences, as she has a one-to-one tutoring regime with her student, allowing my son to gain good grades at GCSE Science and as I have said so above GCSE Maths. She gave my family the opportunity to breath.
When we first met her, she laid out to us her rigorous method of tutoring and explained that to achieve good grades she would need to assess my son, so that she could then make decisions and use her secure knowledge to help my son. This was done through paying attention to his individual needs.
She went above and beyond by teaching my son exam techniques and ways in which he can better use his time in exams building up his confidence and allowing him to achieve overall success.
We highly recommend her because we know that not many teachers/tutors of this caliber exist, she is a magnificent, hard working person.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs A.Pereira
Grade C to Grade A
Written by Alexandra Z

Best Maths & Science Teacher

It is rare in life that one gets to encounter a Teacher like Lathi making it a privilege to be tutored by Lathi. They say you can't teach anything, only make people think. This is the Lathi difference.

Lathi goes the extra mile, she analyses the current state, gives a clear vision of the future state and organises a focused plan with clear milestones and achievements to build knowledge and address gaps. However, she manages to do all of this because she inspires, she learns the person to make the brain think, tailoring every class with the focus on that achievement.

As a great teacher and like any Olympic level coach will say you need to address the psychology to get results. With Lathi one is getting a teacher, a psychologist, a mentor and a role model all in one go. Lathi addresses any barriers that are preventing someone from giving their best and unlocks potential through a holistic approach.

We gave her our daughter and she gave us back a scholar, inspiring her along the way and ensuring she was well prepared to get to the goal. Not only did our daughter get a confirmed place at Cheltenham Ladies College (when many said it to be impossible) and Downe House she was also invited for two Academic scholarships. If you are into results these are guaranteed and she will be upfront about what is possible. However, what we actually achieved was much more than results. It was a change in attitude, a learning method that stays for life and an inspirational role model that I am sure our daughter will forever be fond of in years to come.

Common Entrance Admissions
Two unconditional offers: one to Cheltenham Ladies College and one to Downe House (including invitations to sit for Academic Scholarship at both schools)
Written by Tim M

Lathi is an exceptional science tutor

Lathi coached my son Charlie in the run up to his IGCSE’s, predominantly in Chemistry and also to a lesser extent in Physics and Biology.
We only met Lathi in the Easter holidays so it was a very 11th hour intervention and Charlie’s confidence was at a very low ebb. Lathi has great natural presence and her calm, firm and re-assuring approach immediately had an impact on Charlie in terms of what was possible and encouraged a strong work ethic in him. He had considerable, fundamental technical gaps that Lathi quickly identified and proceeded to address from the bottom up so that he began to believe that he could do Chemistry after all.
Charlie and Lathi worked very well together and she certainly encouraged the best out of him at a time when he was ready to give up. They worked one-on –one for probably only twenty hours in total spread over a month but the impact was dramatic.
I am delighted to report that Charlie achieved AA in the dual award IGCSE. I am sure that if we had met Lathi earlier he could have got similar results in the three separate sciences.
Written by Laura M

Amazing Tutor

I sat AS Maths a year early, and achieved an A grade, and I would attribute all of this to Lathi. She made the jump from GCSE to A Level as smooth as possible, even through the process of applying to Sixth Form and sitting 8 other GCSE subjects. She expects a lot from you as her student, but gives just as much in return. She goes through topics (including potential problem areas) meticulously during sessions, and sets a great deal of work after, in order to make sure that the understanding is thorough. Lathi also addresses pastoral needs, helping to create study timetables and helping with revision technique from the very beginning. She recognises that to be successful in study, you need to start early and be meticulous, and in doing so taught me a stronger work ethic and gave me confidence in my ability to achieve.
A grade in AS Mathematics sat a year early
Written by Henry H

Committed, insightful and a pleasure to work with

At my first meeting at Lionheart Education, who introduced me to Lathi, everyone there had the same thing to say; if you want to get an A in maths you need Lathi. Over the 6 months she taught me, Lathi helped me enjoy maths again and helped me believe that I was not only capable of attaining an A grade, but I should be looking to achieve more. She understood very quickly how I needed to be taught and catered my tutoring to that style. Lathi lives and breathes for results day, even describes it as her Christmas, and goes above and beyond in every respect for her students. As much as I wanted to do well for myself, by the end of the summer I was desperate to get at least an A so that the amount of time and effort Lathi and I put in would be reflected by my grade. As a result of both of our hard work I am now studying Banking and Finance at Cardiff University (my first choice uni) and I couldn't have done it without her. I have no reservations in highly recommending Lathi as she is by far the most committed tutor I have met or worked with.
Just started Cardiff University to read Banking and Finance after achieving an A grade in maths.
Written by Thibaud H

Incredible educator

As a project leader and business developer in the automotive industry, I would keenly like to extend a sincere thank you to Lathi.

Her attentiveness and ability to grasp who I am, allowed her to invest just the right amount of energy while pushing me out of my comfort zone. Furthermore, she persists until the knowledge she shares is fully absorbed and transformed into my very own skills.

Her succinct focus and infinite source of energy ensured a lasting improvement in my communication skills. Even my mother, the person who has followed my progress the closest is mighty impressed with the level I have finally attained.

Lathi and I worked together in finalising my, to this day most important academic document, my dissertation. She made my shortcomings apparent to me, in the humblest and most pedagogical manner. She explained the logic in a way that made it click in my head - I finally got it!

Thanks to her, that dissertation awarded me a First Class and secured a job at the firm I analysed for the dissertation."
Highest dissertation mark in my course.
Written by Avantika M

Just what we needed

I would like to thank, Lathi, so much for her help with Jai. Lathi's amazing work with Jai resulted in an A* for his IGCSE English Literature! When Lathi started with us Jai was barely scrapping C/D in his school assessments. Lathi's holistic approach along with her patient and dedicated work with him definitely paid off.

Initially we were a bit skeptical about how "Skype" lessons would go, but Jai founf that it worked very well. lathi was very organised, quick with feedback and e-mailed him detailed marking of his essays. In particular Jai found that Lathi, helped him tremendously with learning the fundamentals of writing, comprehension, essay structure, planning and the fundamentals of writing and vocabulary usage. I would definitely recommend Lathi for English tuition you ultimately want results.
English Literature
An A* in CIE English Literature
Written by Ann M

Excellent professional with ability to engage students

Lathi was engaged to support a Year 11 student with entrance to Cheltenham Ladies College and Headington. In addition she supported a Year 8 student for the same schools.
Lessons were in person and via Skype. She was well prepared and researched the needs of the girls prior to thelessons taking place. Gave feedback during the week she taught them and followed up after the lessons had finished.
The girls enjoyed her lessons and found it easy to work with her.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Lathi as a tutor. She is very versatile and totally professional.
Other UK Schools Admissions
At the present time, the Year 11 has accepted an offer for CLC and was also offered a place at Headington. The offers for the Year 9 places have not yet been released.
Written by Clare P

Supportive Tutor

My daughter enjoyed her sessions with Lathi. They covered mainly maths but also bits of science and comprehensions. Lathi was able to work out my daughters learning style and adapt to that. She was a very effective tutor that was committed to her student.
11 Plus
Offer from Wycombe Abbey (Day)
Written by Giulio C

Lathi was an excellent Chemistry teacher!

This December Lathi taught me A-Level chemistry in preparation for a Cambridge interview. She was very kind and helpful: I genuinely felt that she wanted me to do well and this in turn motivated me further to work when she wasn't here. I also very much appreciate when she could come. Dedicating hours to me on both Saturday and Sunday when I'm sure most people would rather do anything but be at work was amazing of her.

As for the teaching there isn't really much to say really! Lathi was a fantastic teacher, explaining things clearly and concisely, but, most importantly, in a friendly, relaxed and funny way. Within 5 minutes of first meeting her, and never really having had any serious daily tutoring before, I already felt completely at ease!
After an intense 2 weeks where Lathi taught me the entire A-Level Organic Chemistry course (I had literally done no organic before) I got an offer to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge! Reflecting on
Written by Lisa T

Fantastic 11+ support

Lathi tutored my daughter in maths in the summer and October half-term leading up to her 11+ exams. She was fantastic at filling a few gaps in my daughter's understanding, and made a huge difference to her confidence, really taking time to understand how my daughter was feeling, what made her tick and to build a lovely relationship with her. I recommend her extremely highly.
My daughter got offers from every London school she applied to, including St Paul's
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Education and Qualifications

Lathi's education and qualifications are listed below.


City University London
BSc Mathematics & Finance


Davies, Laing & Dick College
A Levels
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  • - Chemistry
  • - Maths
  • - Physics

Prizes and Scholarships

Nell Leicester Smith Award from Mutare School of Music
Zimbabwe Independant School Full Music Scholarship
Hillcrest College A level Chemistry Award (Best in Year)

Other Qualifications

ABRSM Music: Grade 3 Recorder, Grade 5 Piano, Grade 6 Music Theory, Grade 7 Oboe and Grade 8 Flute


Subjects taught by Lathi are listed below.


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