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Friendly and long-term Mandarin tutor

I am offering 2 options: 1. Speaking Only. 2. Everything.
1. For Fun. Learning how to speak. It is extremely useful if you only need to talk a little with your Chinese friends, or you wish to find an Asian girlfriend. Averagely, my students in London usually use 16 hours’ lessons (2 hours per week) to speak basic Mandarin, it is not hard at all!
2. For Life or Business. You will get a structured learning plan and ensure you could learn authentic Mandarin in several months or even longer. Learn everything about Chinese and China for academic or business reasons. You will learn how to speak, read and write. It will make you better prepared and improve your CV and personal statement. For example, you can do business with the Chinese rich.

I got a DBS certificate (permit to teach children in the UK) and was verified by this website’s officer. So you can trust me, as I am a gentle and friendly tutor.

I am currently a Ph.D. in University College London (UCL) and used to be a master student at Queen Mary University of London. My mom has been a Mandarin teacher for over 30 years, and I have been speaking authentic Mandarin since I was born. As your tutor, I would be keen to help you with Mandarin, from being able to speak a few basic phrases up to being fluent. It's okay to know nothing about Mandarin, as I am willing to take on students of all abilities from beginners to more advanced speakers. It may need on average two months to speak basic Mandarin. Luckily, last week I found a new method to make it even quicker. With my help, you will learn Chinese faster, easier and begin to really enjoy it.

Many people may feel a bit confused when they tried to search “how to learn the Chinese language,” the main reason may be these terms: “Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.” What should you learn? Teachers may only say “it’s up to you.” However, it is not hard to choose if you know the differences between these. 1. Mandarin and Taiwanese both mean a standard spoken language in China and other Asian countries. They sound almost the same and use almost same vocabulary and same grammar. So if you learned Mandarin, it means you could also talk with Taiwanese people, Singaporeans, and Malaysians. 2. Cantonese, this is a quite complicated Chinese dialect, very different from Mandarin, with 9 tones (in Mandarin there are 4 tones), and also different pronunciations and different vocabulary. Cantonese is the main language in Hong Kong and cannot be understood in most place in China (but Mandarin can be heard in all the areas, including Hong Kong) 3. Traditional Chinese are the written language used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, which is the ancient Chinese characters. Full of beauty and challenging to write. 4. Simplified Chinese is the modern Chinese written language, which is used by China’s government, young people, most schools, and universities. It is simplified, easier to write and use English letters (Pinyin) to normalize the pronunciation.

Overall, it is suggested that you could only learn Mandarin, which could make you feel easier, and can be understood by all the Chinese people and even including almost all the people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Singapore, Malaysia, and many countries/ regions in Asia.

Some people choose Chinese as their second language in the school, but they still appear weak when they talk to an Asian. I may not teach too much about the complex grammar or other regulations. I hope you can learn less but able to speak. I will help you in an easier way and use a new style of teaching so it may be a better way than going to a language school to learn Chinese. If you trust me, you could book my lessons in my time table. Thanks!
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Reviews and References

There are 8 reviews or references for KALI HK.

Written by Steve J

A nice trial

Really happy with that trial lesson. Thx.
Written by Dong Z

HK , a great teacher.

I have known HK for just under a year. He is a unique individual who is friendly and has a drive for success. He is funny and has extremely good communication skills. I hope that you will choose him!
I hope that you will can give this young man a chance to show his ability in teaching.
Written by Watt S

Excellent guy

Very happy with my first trial. I can say NeeHoo now.
Hope to see you next week!
Written by Lydia T

Really enjoy it

I book his lessons every two weeks. He is keen to help me with my Mandarin, from being able to speak a few basic phrases up to being fluent. Also, he is brilliant and cute.
Written by Emma H

He is a nice guy but not the tutor for me

I felt the lesson was ill prepared. Yes he did a progress and aims sheet for me at the beginning which I appreciate but he did not know what to say in the lesson thus finishing considerable earlier (30 minutes) . He could be a great teacher with more preparation. However he is a nice guy and did also tell me about Chinese Culture.
Our aims didn't match.
Written by Ry P

A structured plan

I am learning two languages at a time: English in language school, and Mandarin on Tutorfair. Kali is recommended by a couple in Simmons Bar, the couple told me their 8 years old son and 11 years old daughter learned simplified Chinese every weekend, and they could talk a lot, as well as reading. I wrote down the name and website, finally found this young tutor. He looks like 16 years old (in fact a PhD), a funny guy, with a casual style. The first 3 weeks, everything is totally too easy for me. We changed the plan twice and finally fitted me. What a detailed plan! Kali is good at handwriting I guess, as he could write Chinese and looks quite nice. His lessons are mostly a casual style, good for communication. However, he could make it better in his next lesson.
Written by Derrick T

Medical dialogue in Chinese
Written by May C


It feels like Hong Kong people even feel more confusing when learning Mandarin. But that's really important because it is the standard language in mainland China. My first language is Cantonese, which is even more difficult than Mandarin. I became Kali's good friend now I think, he is good at almost all Asian languages.
Better than expected.
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Education and Qualifications

KALI HK's education and qualifications are listed below.


University College London


Prizes and Scholarships

First prize in Sujiao Educational Chinese Writing Contest, Jiangsu Province , China, 2009.

Other Qualifications

I got a part-time job in a primary school to teach Chinese, from 2011 to 2013, in China. I know well about how to teach a basic learner.


Subjects taught by KALI HK are listed below.

  • A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB
  • A-Level, AS, Common Entrance, Degree, GCSE, IB


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