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Harish K
Tutor in Grange Park, North London


£75.00 / hour

Last years results: 100% A* or A grade at GCSE & A Level

Proven success: 100% of my students achieved A* - A at GCSE and A level

I tutor in a private tuition centre where I am Years 7 - 11 coordinator, meaning I have the most up to date knowledge on the secondary curriculum.

Have more than 4 years experience ~ Fully DBS checked ~ Taught the 11+ in the UK's top primary school for SATS.

I am currently teaching and offering private tuition which gives me first hand knowledge of the required skills needed for top marks. I currently tutor both privately as well as in primary schools where I am drafted in to teach groups for the 11+.

By being relatively young, and in the midst of a law degree this gives me an advantage as I can relate more to my students and build up an excellent rapport with them.With a proven track record of 100% of my students achieving either an A or A*, at GCSE and A Level, it is clear my methods are effective. By achieving 12 GCSE's myself, completing some in just 1 year, this gives me a broad knowledge of the syllabus. In addition, my A levels have reinforced this knowledge and given me a breadth of wisdom into the insight of perfecting examination techniques which i can, and have, passed to a plethora of my students. My analytical skills from my on-going Law degree has really helped understand the tricks of writing precisely and succinctly for the highest marks possible.

The new government changes to the curriculums for secondary education has been drastic. I have ensured, that I am completely up to date with these changes and up to date with the curriculum. I often attend meetings with examiners and exam boards, often attending webinars thus have a broad knowledge of the ever changing syllabus.

My main approach to tutoring is planning. Meticulous planning is essential to ensuing students get the best out of my time. Additionally, I tend to use a mix of resources in my lessons. For example, I may use the text book, videos or anything creative to keep my students engaged. I also set questions for homework and I will always mark at home to ensure that time is not wasted marking in lesson. I always intertwine past exam questions with my teaching, and often set mock examinations with very detailed feedback. When I can, I create my own resources that are tailored for each specific student.

To me teaching is a passion. I absolutely love teaching and tutoring. Instead of being a tutor as a last resort, teaching is my absolute first choice. The fact that i am so passionate about teaching, enjoying every lesson i plan and teach, really transpires to my students where they gain a similar positive energy, helping them for their future studies.


I have coached hundreds of students over the past 4 years for entrance exams alone. These schools include:the prestigious Haberdashers school, Latymer, Queen Elizabeth's boys, St Micheal's, St Paul's, Westminster, Henrietta Barnett, Dame Alice Owen and St Jonh's senior school. All the students that i have coached for the 11+ have had an offer from their chosen grammar or selective independent school; making me very high in demand! I have plenty of resources from most grammar and independent schools coupled with the resources I have personally created.


[1] " I would like to say how wonderful Harish is with both my children.

He teaches my 13 year old son who has poor concentration in Maths. My son not only finds Maths hard, but boring too. Harish has a way to make the subject fun and not at all stressful. Harish is the most patient, kind and considerate Tutor. He makes the subject fun and will go over the topics to ensure that what he has taught has not been forgotten. Spencer is becoming more confident with his approach to the subject.
All thanks to Harish.

Harish also teaches my 17 year old daughter A level English Literature - again he makes the teaching interesting and challenging. He has also boosted her confidence and has built on her knowledge.

Harish is a good teacher with a good understanding of his pupils and makes everything workable. So glad we found him."

Lesley Glanz

[2]: "Harish is an excellent teacher who really cares - enough to have taught her one Sunday because she was upset at missing a lesson close to her GCSE exam! He had a wonderful rapport with my daughter and really knows his stuff so she loved her lessons with him. I think she will do really well in her geography exam but I know she will miss her geography lessons!"

Aisha B.

*Please note, that prices for A Level may incur an extra fee, as well as tuition for 11+.
*Please note, there may be a travel fee added

*If you have any questions whatsoever, even if it is for some advice, simply drop me a message and i would be more than happy to respond.

Reviews and References

There are 19 reviews or references for Harish.

Written by Lauren B

An Excellent Tutor

We found that Harish was an exceptional tutor. He went above and beyond to ensure that my son fully understood everything. And it worked! Harry really improved my sons confidence and his teachers were so impressed.
My son went from a D student to an A.
Written by Susan M


Both me and my Husband were really impressed by Harish's approach to my daughters studies. With Harish's help my daughter went from being in the bottom ability group and striving to the top ability group.

I thoroughly recommend him.
My daughter truly excelled in her English exam.
Written by Harish K

Went above and beyond to help!

Harish helped both of my sons in English. They were really struggling to understand they key aspects of the books they were reading in school.
With Harish's help they really got to grips with the books, and perfected exam technique.
English Literature
Both my sons achieved top A grades!
Written by Irene H

Geography (GCSE)
Written by Benjamin A

Excellent start, my daughter seems focused.
Written by Angela L

Maths (GCSE)
Written by Maria C

Highly recommenced!

I have been asked to write a review for Harish in sight of my sons success in his 11+ entrance exams. Harish has tutored my youngest son last year and my eldest son the year before. Harish always had a very positive energy towards both my sons lessons which was really important as my sons were losing faith in themselves as they had poor concentration in school. If you are thinking of having Harish help your children for their 11+ exams you have really found the right person. He really understands the requirements of the entrance exams and he always took out the time to have a thorough chat with me after each lesson to discuss my children's progress, which i thought was really important. The fact that he would set plenty of homework each week and always provide fantastic feedback helped my children see how they were doing. He was really genuine and If he saw that my son was slacking or that his homework was not good enough, Harish would be the first to tell my son to re-do it! He really did push my children to their full potential but that is what they needed; especially as the exams are just so incredibly competitive.
11 Plus
Both my children were offered places at Latymer grammar school.
Written by Jeneva A

Very professional tutor

Harish is a very knowledgeable and professional person. He came well prepared for the lesson and gave positive and constructive feedback at the end.
11 Plus
I will be booking further lessons with Haresh.
Written by Catherine H

Good tutor but let us down half way through revision period

We got Harish to tutor our 12 year old daughter in maths and English for a late Year 8 entry exam in a sought after school. We got notified 2 weeks before the exam and there was only one vacancy, so the tuition had to be intense for the 2 weeks. Harish committed to do it and did five 2-hour sessions. He was well prepared, organised and seemed to have a good knowledge of what was expected. However mid way into the revision period he started to be less and less available, being reluctant to book other sessions and changing times/days all the time (because already booked or personal commitments). I was disappointed with his 'take it or leave it 'attitude, borderline arrogant. It gave me the impression that he thought my daughter was a lost case, and that he preferred focusing on other students. It was probably mainly because he got tired of travelling to us from North London, however he knew about the distance from the beginning (I paid more than his travel fare on top of his rate and booked him for 2 hours to compensate anyway), he committed to taking us on, and he had our area included his list...
So overall very disappointing and left a bad taste. Fortunately Tutorfair was very helpful in finding 2 other tutors at such short notice. We still wasted a few days as a result of all this, which is
Written by Sandra M

Creative and inspiring!

We decided to hire Harish because we were called up by Henrietta Barnett school and were told that there was one opening available for a late entry into Year 8. My daughter Amy; whom currently attends St Pauls school wanted to join her sister who was already enrolled at Henrietta Barnett as it was closer to our home in Hamstead.

So i was given Harish's details by a close friend of mine who is actually an Ofsted inspector... so i knew my daughter would be in good hands with Harish!

As we did not have much time, Harish came to my home everyday and prepared my daughter for her exams for around 2 weeks. It was surprising to see how much knowledge he had! He really knew everything there was to know about the admissions. He even gave me call to let me know when Amy's test date would be, which i thought was really good of him.

With Harish's help, my daughters confidence really grew. She was starting to do her school homework because she wanted to do it...rather than because she had to do it. I think its because Harish gave her that confidence she needed to strive. Even though Harish is really busy as he is high in demand he always ensured that my daughter had her lessons (apart from one of the days as it was his brothers wedding...but we forgave him for that!).

Overall, Harish is fantastic. My daughter always says that his lessons are engaging and creative.He really has given my daughter a push that she has long needed!
11 Plus
My daughters exam was today, and she came out with a big smile on her face. Fingers crossed!
Written by Elizabeth C

Initial Appointment

Attended our first lesson with Harish today. Made us both feel very welcome and more importantly, made my son feel very comfortable.

Harish has a very relaxed and calm demeanour. He paced the lesson just at the right speed and knew exactly how to connect with my son. He has left a very big impression on him after the lesson and look forward to seeing Harish again very soon.

So glad to have met him today and confident my son will get the support he needs. Thank you
11 Plus
All very positive. 5 Stat tutor!
Written by Kelly H


Great lesson! Harish certainly knows how I get the best from his students.
Very positive vibes and immediate improved confidence from both my children after just one lesson!
Maths (GCSE)
Great start!
Written by Edoardo A

Excellent, calm tutor

My son has Asperger's syndrome, at the high-functioning end of the spectrum, and does his schooling in a mainstream school but with the support of a specialist unit. He has done well and is forecasted A grades at GCSE, but in the stress of year 11 he has been struggling. I took him to see Harish to see if he could help my son with the particular aspects of English and Geography that he is finding difficult. My son found him calm - a particular need of his - well ordered and clear. Indeed, at the end of the lesson, he told me that he'd learned more in the past hour than in the previous half term. He particularly appreciated the structured approach to question answering that Harish taught him. We will continue to attend lessons with Harish and recommend him highly.
Geography (GCSE)
Written by Elizabeth C

Excellent rapport with my son

Very happy to have found a tutor that is current and whose method of teaching really works with my son perfectly. I would recommend Harish and hopefully have also found a tutor for my daughter with her secondary school studies when a space becomes available.
11 Plus
Keen to continue and hopefully see progress over the coming months
Written by Adam M

Great tutor

I have found my lessons with Harish very beneficial and informative. Since having the lessons I now feel much more confident with the subject. I would recommend Harish to fellow students looking to get top marks.
Geography (A-Level)
Much more confident when answering questions.
Written by Simran S

Written by Umarani N

Harish has a gentle manner and is tutoring a gifted child in our school. He has always been punctual and prepared for lessons and you can see the progress in the child in his past few months with us.
I would recommend him as he is clearly dedicated to his tuition and has a good rapport with children which is evident. We chose him because of his expertise in 11+ tutoring. A child in our school being tutored this way is extremely unusual in our deprived area urban school and with his help, this student a real chance of getting into the local grammar school despite starting the process very late in Feb 17 for exams in July and Sept 17.
11 Plus
Written by Zeina N

Super tutor!

I love Harish's honest feedback. His honesty helps my son better understand what is expected from him.
11 Plus
Written by Deb S

North London Barnet/Enfield Expert Tutor

A calm, experienced, and confident navigator through the alien world of 11+ grammar school exams. Targetted practice and analysis on areas of weakness, and lots of useful tips and information.
11 Plus
Successful entry to Queen Elizabeth's Boy's school
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Education and Qualifications

Harish's education and qualifications are listed below.



Highlands school
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  • - English Language
  • - Maths
  • - Citizenship Studies
  • - ICT

Prizes and Scholarships

Award for volunteering to tutor a very talented primary school student and getting him to GCSE standard. - Prestigious head teachers award.

Several Jack Patchy nominations for delivery exemplary work.

Other Qualifications

- Completion of an 11 hour course on 'Assessment in secondary Geography"

Fully qualified as a first aid practitioner
Fully DBS checked

A Levels: ICT, Government and Politics, Geography & Maths


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