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Safety has always been a top priority at Tutorfair

Tutorfair is committed to connecting students safely with world-­class tutors. This means setting strict safety standards and making sure that they are adhered to.

Rosie and Rachel

Thousands of families trust Tutorfair to find them the best tutors, and these tutors will usually visit students’ homes or meet in a mutually convenient location. They rely on us to keep them safe. At the same time, lots of Tutorfair tutors rely on us to earn their livelihoods – safely and flexibly.

We have developed some of the highest standards of safety in the world for our verified tutors. We meet each one, and they are fully screened using the enhanced check against the national criminal records database. Records of their qualifications are also checked in person and we will reject those we deem unsuitable even if they meet these checks.

However, parents have asked for tutors we have not been able to verify yet. We have checked their identification but have not necessarily met them in person yet. We recommend that parents make checks themselves and we suggest tutors keep a file of their papers for clients to see.

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We are constantly researching and developing new methods to make Tutorfair even safer. With a combination of technology and personal service we aim to maintain this safe environment for every one of our users.

If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, click the report (flag) button or contact us and we'll be here to help. When it comes to messaging or posting jobs to find a tutor, don’t post any personal information online (no address, mobile number, childrens' names etc.)

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