STEP (University Admissions)

STEP Tuition

It is a curious fact that a good A Level Maths result is not a good indicator of success at undergraduate mathematics.

STEP is a test to identify those who will be good at undergraduate mathematics. It serves as a barrier - success indicates capacity to study on a hard mathematics course.

STEP introduces students to the style of mathematics found on undergraduate courses.
STEP tests motivation since success only follows extensive practice even for the very best.

This group will encounter methods of approaching problems which allow greater success at STEP. Most students do not encounter new mathematics although almost all learn to have respect for and facility with mathematics they learnt when very young.

The course is often found demeaning because it contains problems that are "not proper maths" and is often found to be fun.

You should commit to all four sessions for this to be useful to you. Session dates - each day at 1400 BST
Tuesday 6 April
Friday 9 April
Tuesday 13 April
Friday 16 April

Regular Lesson Time

Tuesday or Friday 2pm
see upcoming lessons

Lesson Price

£75.00 £25.00

Number of spaces

4 spaces available for this class

Lesson cancellation

At least 48 hours notice required. Please see full cancellations terms here.

About the tutor

Dr Tony did a maths degree at Cambridge more than 60 years ago. He has worked with mathematics all his life. He came across STEP tuition in 2003 and has been tutoring it ever since. He has 5 - 8 students each year and recently they have been getting better results.

Upcoming lessons

Friday 16th Apr
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