Maths GCSE Easter Revision Course

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Easter Maths GCSE Study Group

Ben has developed this Maths GCSE Intensive course for students this Easter to help them consolidate and maximise their learning to succeed in their exams this year.

The course will consist of six one hour lessons during the Easter holiday. The aim of the course is to cover some of the most demanding topics in depth, rather than to try to cover the entire GCSE syllabus. The following list indicates some of the topics that may be covered, but the lessons will be adapted to the needs of the individual students rather than following a set programme.

1. Number - fractional indices, surds, approximation and bounds
2. Algebra - algebraic functions, quadratics and simultaneous equations
3. Ratio, Proportions and rates of change
4. Geometry and Measures - trigonometry, vectors and circle theorems
5. Probability - tree diagrams and venn diagrams
6. Statistics - grouped data and histograms

The dates for the Maths GCSE Intensive are as follows:

Monday 11th April - 5pm to 6pm
Tuesday 12th April - 5pm to 6pm
Thursday 14th April - 5pm to 6pm

Tuesday 19th April - 5pm to 6pm
Thursday 21th April - 5pm to 6pm
Friday 22nd April - 5pm to 6pm

This group is suited for all students sitting the higher Maths GCSE paper. The sessions will be suitable for students preparing for any of the GCSE Maths exam boards - the content is identical for all the boards and Ben will include sample questions from different boards.

Regular Lesson Time

see upcoming lessons

Lesson Price

£175.00 £50.00

Number of spaces

8 spaces available for this class

Lesson cancellation

At least 48 hours notice required. Please see full cancellations terms here.

About the tutor

Ben is a fully qualified Maths teacher with more than a decade of maths teaching experience in leading independent schools, including nine years at Westminster School. His students have obtained places at some of the top universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UCL, and Imperial College, London.

Upcoming lessons

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