Macbeth - GCSE Study Group

Macbeth - GCSE Study Group

This study group is an exciting opportunity for GCSE students who wish to enhance their understanding of the intricate details in the play, including the character development of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and key themes such as madness, the supernatural, and the status of women.

Lessons revolve around the play's anatomy of fear along with its 17th-century synonym doubt and aim to tackle the questions below:

- Why do we sympathise with Macbeth, who causes turmoil in the natural world by committing regicide?
- Do we feel sorry for the conniving, controlling Lady Macbeth who calls on evil spirits to achieve her desires?
- How do juxtaposed concepts and double talk control the characters and the plot?

Furthermore, we will study embedding quotes within critical analysis while utilising contextual information and literary devices.

Lessons will take place every Saturday at 2.30 pm via Zoom.

Regular Lesson Time

Saturday 2.30 pm
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Lesson Price

£100.00 £40.00

Number of spaces

4 spaces available for this class

Lesson cancellation

At least 48 hours notice required. Please see full cancellations terms here.

About the tutor

Hi, I am Hazal and I have been working as a private tutor and schoolteacher in the past decade. Please take a look at my Tutorfair profile for more information and get in touch with me for any questions.

Upcoming lessons

There are currently no upcoming lessons for this group

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