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Get ahead of the game with an in-depth look into An Inspector Calls

This tutoring series is for any English Lit GCSE student wishing to improve their knowledge, ability and grade.
The course will be delivered over five sessions of one hour each, and will cover all the characters, historical context and themes of the play, as well as analysis of key scenes. Please read the play in full before the first session so that you are familiar with the material.

Session one: Context - Social class in pre-/post-war Britain. The opening.

Session two: Capitalism versus socialism. Dramatic irony. The dinner party and the Inspector’s arrival.

Session three: The purpose of the play - morality and social responsibility. The Inspector.

Session four: Eva Smith, her significance and their roles in her life and death.

Session five: The message of the play - hope for the future; young versus old. Their reactions after the Inspector’s departure.

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About the tutor

I have been tutoring for over twelve years and absolutely love it! Each student is unique and I work with them to understand their individual needs, leading to better academic results, but also to increased confidence and greater enjoyment of the subject. I have helped scores of students succeed in their English GCSEs and, with each student being different, adapt my style and techniques until we find the right way of boosting understanding, confidence and results. Although this will be a group session, there will still be opportunities for questions, clarifications and discussion.

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