Spanish Tutoring Jobs

Spanish tutor in W10, London

Posted by Yamin I

My brother has a written spanish assessment on thursday for his GCSE. He is required to write down his answers, memorize them and then write it all out during the test. Would you be able to provide tuition, ideally on tuesday?

Kind regards,


29 Jun 2015 | 10 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Walthamstow, E17

Posted by Carolynn G

Hi there I am looking for someone to teach my children Spanish. My daughter has just turned 5 and my son will be 8 in September. We are in Walthamstow.

Wednesday evening is the best time for us.

I look forward to hearing from you, with details of
rates etc. thanks!

29 Jun 2015 | 9 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Streatham, SW16

Posted by Amy B

I am 27 and I live in Streatham Hill/Brixton. I have just started working for a social enterprise start-up that works with smallholder farmers in developing countries, including Latin America. I will be travelling to Peru and want to be able to speak Spanish by September. I am bilingual French/English so I usually can understand about 70% of Spanish written/spoken but I cannot really speak it so I am looking for a tutor to help me get up to scratch.
I look forward to hearing from you!

23 Jun 2015 | 14 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Bracknell, RG12

Posted by Michael D


I am trying to book Spanish lessons. I am really keen to start learning continuesly until I leave for South America next year.

Please get in touch so we book up lessons

17 Jun 2015 | 2 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Victoria, SW1

Posted by Katherine S


I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my colleague. He often travel to Spain on business and would like to learn the language to communicate with his colleagues ion Spain and follow meetings.
He has taken classes in the past and is ready to pick this up again.

He prefers a structured approach with clear lessons plans and targets. He would like a tutor to come to the office (Victoria) for lessons, preferable in the early evening (5/6pm).

Please let me know if you would like to discuss further.


09 Jun 2015 | 15 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Tooting, SW17

Posted by Diane H


My husband and I are looking for a private tutor for Spanish lessons. We are thinking one lesson a week, preferably a weekday evening at approximately 8pm.

My husband has basic Spanish while I used have intermediate but have since forgotten most.

Would this be of interest? How much would it be?



09 Jun 2015 | 2 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in WD25

Posted by Michelle A


I am looking for a Spanish tutor for my daughter of 7 years. Key focus for me is a tutor who can help my daughter learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed manner so it would be great if you are comfortable teaching a child.

I live in watford Wd25 and I look forward to your response

Thank you

04 Jun 2015 | 3 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Ealing, W5

Posted by Karim J

Hola Arantxa,

I am looking to improve my Spanish. I lived in Alicante for over a year. But that was 6-7 years ago. So what I recall is very rusty. I am wondering if you just teach Adults as well as children?

I am 30 years old and based in Ealing. Not far from Ealing Broadway. I'd very much like to start speaking again. While grammar of course is an issue, my priority is to speak and understand spaniards when they are speaking at full speed.
Gracias y espero tu respuesta.



12 May 2015 | 8 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Dronfield, S18

Posted by Jessica W

I really want to speak Spanish but I am having trouble in my class at school as there are too many people and I really think I would work better on my own .I want a good teacher who can teach me fluent spanish .

10 May 2015 | 1 tutor applied

Spanish tutor in Twickenham, TW1

Posted by Sheba S

Hi please get in touch , I have two boys ages 9 and 3 .
Thanks Sheba

10 May 2015 | 2 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in East London, E1

Posted by Elena L

Estoy buscando profe porque me gustaría que mi novio aprendiera español, es holandés. Entiende bastante pero le cuesta hablar, aunque tiene buen vocabulario.
Disponibilidad?? Precio?? Muchas gracias, elena

05 May 2015 | 9 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Edgware, HA8

Posted by Alex P

I am looking for home Spanish lessons. I am 28 and live in Edgware. Lessons from an actual person would be great. My girlfriend is Spanish but unfortunately isn't a teacher hehe!
Can you help?

01 May 2015 | 5 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Orpington, Br6

Posted by Jenny M

Hi I live in br6 7up Orpington just off the a21. I have 2 girls aged 8 and 11 I would like them to get Spanish tutoring mostly in basic conversation in prep for a possible move to Spain in the Near future
Is this something you could do...? Obviously check my area is suitable before I boome anything



30 Apr 2015 | 1 tutor applied

Spanish tutor in Kings Langley, WD4

Posted by Gill D

I am looking for an excellent Spanish teacher to support a bright Year 10 girl studying the IGCSE course. Weekly lesson, probably long term, £40ph. Location is WD4 9BA.

29 Apr 2015 | 2 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Chelsea, SW3

Posted by Shampa R


I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in teaching basic / intermediate Spanish to a couple of our employees, once a week at our office.

Please kindly confirm if you are interested.

With kind regards


28 Apr 2015 | 24 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Hendon, NW4

Posted by Kbal M

I am looking for a Spanish teacher on one to one basis for a 8years old.We live in London - Colindale NW9. If you are interested please contact, Roxan

26 Apr 2015 | 6 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in London, WC2R

Posted by Stephanie M


My friend and I are looking for a Spanish tutor as we plan to do some travelling in South America later this year.

I wonder if you may be available to come to ours in Clapham Common once a week to teach us please?

Many thanks


20 Apr 2015 | 17 tutors applied

Spanish GCSE tutor in Merton, SW20

Posted by Julie B

I would like to book session for my 15 year old daughter; Year 10, for Spanish GCSE. I would also be grateful for Maths tutoring.
I would be grateful if you could see if you are free this week.
Many thanks

20 Apr 2015 | 0 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in Sutton, SM2

Posted by Naazi A

Hi there

i am looking for spanish tutor for AS level.

14 Apr 2015 | 4 tutors applied

Spanish tutor in North London, n8

Posted by Vicki H

Hi, I'm going on holiday to south America with my partner at the end of the year and we need to learn conversational Spanish to get by.

We are keen to book an hour per week with a tutor to learn together, preferably to be done at our house.

12 Apr 2015 | 11 tutors applied

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