Maths GCSE Tutorial

December 27, 2017

To be successful at the Maths GCSE you need to practise all topics to know them thoroughly.

It is by practising that you will acquire the skills.  You need to practise all topics as the GCSE is an exam

on all topics.  After some practice, Maths topics will be easy and quickly solved.

At tutorfair , a Maths tutor like Mrs Anne BABAD, can ensure the success throughout the  year, and, finally  at the exam.

I can provide practice on Numbers, fractions, standard form, rounding numbers, Algebra, powers and roots, solving equations, quadratic formula, algebraic fractions,inequalities, trial and improvement, simultaneous equations and graphs,  Graphs,plotting straight line  graphs, parallel and perpendicular lines, Geometry and Measures, circles geometry, congruent and similar shapes, areas, surface area, volume, unit conversions, Pythagoras' Theorem and Trigonometry, the sine and cosine rules, vectors.  Statistics and Probability, mean, mode median and range, frequency tables, probability basics, tree diagrams it is quoted in MATHS GCSE Textbook.

Maths GCSE is a must for all jobs, and for anybody who want to carry on study.

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