Summer Slide

July 24, 2017

Summer slide is a real phenomenon that affects children over the summer. It describes the loss of learning that many children experience during the summer holidays. The links below give more detail and suggest ways of avoiding summer slide.

In addition to the suggestions made in the above articles,  I'd suggest making sure your child does some education related activity every weekday during the holidays. Older children should spend more time, younger ones less, depending on their age and concentration level. Trips to museums can also be incorporated to keep them learning over the summer. If possible, join the summer reading challenge in your local library as well. Board games like Scrabble help to build vocabulary. Shopping trips can be used as opportunities to work on rounding, estimation and giving change. TV guides and journey timetables provide opportunities for working out time durations. Finally, workbooks are an invaluable aid in helping children to remember/reinforce the previous year's learning and to prepare them for the year ahead. There are many excellent workbooks available from many publishers.

Resources others found helpful

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