Learning Lines Part 2

June 19, 2017

1) Write down your queues:

One way to remember your lines is to write down your queue lines to memorise and know when it's your line. This enables you to remember and be more confident to what's happening in the dialogue of the story.

2) Record yourself:

As a performer, it's always wise to get a recorder dictaphone, or you can use your voice recorder on your tablet, mobile phone and record yourself going through all your lines scene by scene. This helps you with repeating the lines and creating a flow and pace in your head, so when it comes down to performing you're confident.

3) Write your lines in CODE:

Write the first letter of each word and try to memorise the lines this way, sometime's writing symbols helps you remember your lines as well as knowing important words you feel applies to your character.


The LINE is: I love to see you smile and sometimes I want to give you loads of kisses, you make me feel special and that's all that matters to me.

The CODE is:

I <3 2 C U :) & sometimes I want 2 give U loads of X's, U make me feel special & that's all that matters.


I L T C U S A S I W 2 G U L O K's.


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