Financial Management Accounting practical - full support

May 01, 2017

Structure & Content of your Submission:-

Introduction/Executive Summary (your persuasive pitch)

Business Objectives, Mission and Vision

Marketing Research supporting the viability of your event

Timescales/Operational plan/Logistics/Resources required (Land, Labour, Capital, etc.)

Financing - debt/grants/share issue/personal finance, etc.

Assumptions made [any & all] - Venue/Location, Duration, Business entity, etc., etc., etc.

Produce ‘micro-budgets’ for a planned event (in appendices, with commentary* main body):-

A detailed Costing and Financial synopsis of your event:-

Contribution Statement

Break-even calculations

Margin of Safety




HR - recruitment/training, etc.




Cash Budget

Financial Statements

Ratios: e.g. NP%, ROI, Acid Test, Debt/Equity, Asset T/O, EPS, etc.


Referencing & Bibliography (min. of 10 references, incl. some academic sources)

Resources others found helpful

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

This is a resource to learn and practice vocabulary on food.

Vocabulary - Homonyms

2 x worksheets for teaching homonyms (words with two+ meanings). Useful for 11+ exam prep, vocab expansion, and creative writing lessons.