Essential Spanish Verbs - GCSE

April 28, 2017

Most Important Verbs for GCSE complete list

Spanish Verb                                                                                      English Infinitive

Ser                                                                                                            to be

Estar                                                                                                        to be

haber                                                                                                       to have

tener                                                                                                         to have

llegar                                                                                                        to arrive

venir                                                                                                          to come

ir                                                                                                                 to go

trabajar                                                                                                    to work

estudiar                                                                                                   to study

ver                                                                                                             to see

escuchar                                                                                                  to listen

hacer                                                                                                         to do - to make

mirar                                                                                                       to look at

comer                                                                                                      to eat

vestir                                                                                                       to dress

andar                                                                                                       to walk

comprar                                                                                                   to buy

hablar                                                                                                      speak - to talk

empezar                                                                                                   to start

dar                                                                                                          to give

buscar                                                                                                     to look for

encontrar                                                                                                to find

escribir                                                                                                   to write

coger                                                                                                        to take

vivir                                                                                                        to live

creer                                                                                                      to believe

poner                                                                                                         to put

saber                                                                                                          to know

salir                                                                                                            to go out

traer                                                                                                           to bring

decir                                                                                                           to say

oír                                                                                                               to hear

pensar                                                                                                        to think

pedir                                                                                                           to ask for

beber                                                                                                          to drink

leer                                                                                                              to read

escribir                                                                                                        to write

dormir                                                                                                        to sleep

tomar                                                                                                         to take

gustar                                                                                                          to like

llamar                                                                                                         to call

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