Present Continuous Exercise

April 28, 2017

The Present Continuous Tense                                        

1.      Fill in the parts of estar:



You (sg)

You (pl)


They / Vds

2.      Fill in the Present Participles of the following verbs:

a.      andar          ___andando_____________              i.       caminar       __________________________

b.      comer         _______________________              j.       aprender     __________________________

c.       cubrir          _______________________              k.      temer          __________________________

d.      contestar     _______________________              l.       lavar           __________________________

e.      omitir          _______________________              m.     sufrir           __________________________

f.       escribir        _______________________              n.      esperar       __________________________

g.      vender        _______________________              o.      decidir         __________________________

h.      firmar _______________________              p.      romper        __________________________

3.      Fill in the Present Continuous forms using the verbs given below:


(to win / earn)


(to visit)


(to hide)


(to drink)


(to discuss)


(to admit)

a.      I am earning                  __________________________________

b.      She is discussing            __________________________________

c.       We are winning              __________________________________

d.      You (sg) are visiting       __________________________________

e.      They are admitting         __________________________________

f.       You (pl) are earning       __________________________________

g.      He is hiding                   __________________________________

h.      I am drinking                 __________________________________

i.       They are visiting            __________________________________

j.       You (sg) are discussing   __________________________________

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