Radical Changing verbs in Spanish

April 28, 2017 Tim G

Simple explanation and gap fill exercise to practice stem changing verbs in Spanish

Stem-changing verbs in the Present Tense                     Name……………………………………………

1.      The following verbs change their stem e -> ie.  Fill in the appropriate forms:


(to begin)


(to guess)


(to think)


(to recommend)


(to switch on)


(to extend)

a.      she thinks             ____________________ f.       I switch on            ______________________

b.      we extend            ____________________ g.      you (sg) begin      ______________________

c.       they recommend   ____________________ h.      you (pl) guess       ______________________

d.      he begins             ____________________ i.       I think                  ______________________

e.      we recommend     ____________________ j.       he switches on      ______________________

2.      The following verbs change their stem o -> ue.  Fill in the appropriate forms.


(to return)


(to count)


(to ask)


(to approve)


(to renew)


(to try)

a.      he counts             ____________________ f.       she tries               ______________________

b.      they ask               ____________________ g.      you (pl) ask ______________________

c.       I approve             ____________________ h.      I count                 ______________________

d.      you (sg) return     ____________________ i.       we return             ______________________

e.      we renew             ____________________ j.       you (sg) renew     ______________________

3.      The following verbs change their stem e -> ie.  Fill in the appropriate forms.


(to tell lies)


(to invest)


(to prefer)


(to feel)

a.      he tells lies           __________________     d.      you (sg) prefer     ____________________

b.      you (pl) invest      __________________     e.      I feel                    ____________________

c.       we feel                 __________________     f.       they tell lies ____________________


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