Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: Back to School

October 22, 2016

- Intro 3:35 - Open Audience Q&A 3:36 - How to instill ethical management in your organization? 5:41 - Will Bill Gates take over when Warren retires? 8:08 - How did Warren and Bill meet? 10:24 - Typical work day? 13:19 - After the Xbox 360, where do you see video games going? 15:04 - If you dropped a hundred dollar bill, would you pick it up? 15:40 - Best Advice you have ever been given? 17:27 - When you need advice, who do you go to? 21:35 - How can an employee accelerate their path to management? 24:32 - What habits at the beginning of your career aided your success? 27:49 - How will globalization affect small business? 29:31 - Biggest mistakes you have ever made? 32:46 - How much money do you carry in your wallet? 33:54 - How do you make decisions? 36:05 - Issues facing society? 38:10 - What Super Power would you have, and why? 40:00 - How do you ensure your children live a normal life? 43:47 - Do you support a Flat Income Tax? 46:48 - How do you feel your wealth contributes to Global Prosperity? 49:45 - Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 51:46 - What is the definition of Success?

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