Adobe Premiere Pro Export Settings

October 14, 2016

Adobe Premiere Pro Export Settings

NB: this guideline is just a starting point; there are tons of situations where specific settings will be used - do your research & testing before setting for the one that suits you best! The following has worked for me but every editor has his/her own way.

 Where possible, tick "Render at Maximum Depth" & "Use Maximum Render Quality"

Where "Bitrate Settings" can be set: Set "Target Bitrate" to the desired setting (higher bitrate = bigger file size), then set "Maximum Bitrate" to about 5-10mbps more. Eg., Target Bitrate: 12mbps / Maximum Bitrate 17mbps

1. DVD

Format: MPEG2

TV standard: PAL 

2. Projection Screening & Archival Purposes 

Format: Quicktime

Codec: either "Apple ProRes 422 HQ" or "H.264"

Field Order: Progressive

Quality: 100

3. Vimeo

Format: H.246 

Bitrate encoding: VBR, 2 pass

Max bitrate: 20 000

For best results, set your audio sample rate to 48 kHz

4. Youtube 

Format: H.246 

Bitrate encoding: VBR, 2 pass

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