Online Tutoring for English

October 10, 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

Sharing a perspective, which may be a good advice for all. And a piece of free advice!!!

The concept of ‘Online Tutoring’ or ‘Distant Learning’ may not yet have a huge access, but it is certainly gaining a strong momentum in the UK, US, Singapore and other parts of the world.

Just as a mere update, it may be considered as an excellent means of a full fledged, interactive class, across Borders, through Skype, through a shared Screen! The world having become largely Global as it has, if News can be exchanged through a multitude of channels operating at the same time, and world opinions shared trans-globally through Skype- why can't education be shared the same way?

Online Teaching provides a wonderful Platform for Tutors and Students to be connected on a much wider horizon, thus providing a much larger perspective for learning. As for Students living in the same place as the Tutor, ‘Online Tutoring’ serves as a medium of providing quality education without the loss of time, and energy in commuting (considering the unavoidable constraints posed by traffic situations in every City).

Having recourse to a plethora of teaching mediums available such as, Power Points, Videos, Webinars and fully annotated Texts obtained through the joint effort of the Tutor and the students online, not to miss the instant availability of the Net, Online learning becomes a ‘miracle’!

What's more, it is cost effective as well!

For all those who experience the fun and advantages of ‘Online shopping’, try out your hand at gaining knowledge through ‘Online Learning’!

Of course, what is of the utmost importance as the Medium of learning here, is, an excellent ‘Internet Connection’!

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