Warmer- Look for someone that... Busca a alguien que...

August 14, 2016 Noemi E

This resource is good to warm up the students to start the class and get to know each other a little bit more.

1. In order to do this activity we need to give to the students the next sheet: 

Busca a alguien que.... 

1. Le gusta bailar .    ___________

2. Tiene dos hermanas. _________
3. Cumple años el mismo mes que tú. ________

4. Es sagitario.  ________

5. Habla más de dos idiomas. ___________

6. Toca un instrumento. ___________

7. ____________________.    ____________

2. First of all we will explain that they need to read the sentences and understand them first adding another sentence (num7). Secondly, they will need to stand up and ask their colleges (one by one) the affirmations in order to complete them all with a name.

First one person of the couple ask a question, for instance: ¿(tú) Tienes dos hermanas? and the other person responds. If the answer is not this person can not ask any more questions to him or her. But the other person have a go and if she or he replays yes will has the chance to ask another question. 

This is a fun and quick warmer to do with the students and get to know with who are they studing with!


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