Spanish TV Homework TRUE or FALSE Questionaire

July 27, 2016

Being able to understand programme titles and types is very useful and it's a really important exam skill too. Questions and Answers

This exercise talks you through a question based on a page from a TV guide. Read through this CURRENT SPANISH TV guide then have a look at the questions that follow.


  1. Hay un programa de deportes a las nueve de la noche.

  2. Se puede ver el programa de ‘Supervivientes’ en Antena 3 a las 22.30

  3. Hay una pelicula en Cuatro a las diez y media.

  4. El parte meteorológico es a las  diez menos  cuarto en Telecinco.

  5. Hay un programa sobre ‘first dates’ a las diez y media.

  6. Esta noche hay una programa especial sobre incidentes.

  7. Todos los informativos nacionales y de deportes empiezan a las nueve de la noche      

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  1. Verdad - The fact that Deportes is mentioned in Cuatro and LaSexta means this is correct

  2. Falso - Careful! There is a ‘supervivientes’ show at that same time, but’s it’s the wrong channel. It’s shown in Telecinco instead

  3. Verdad - Although film/pelicula isn't mentioned on the page, there's a mention to ‘blockbuster’, which of course counts as a movie.

  4. Verdad - If you remembered that el tiempo was the weather you should have been able to link it with meteorológico.

  5. Falso - There is a ‘first dates’ programme but it's at 21.35.

  6. Verdad - The word ‘sucesos’ (current affairs) gives you a clue about the type of program.Well done, this was a tricky one!

  7. Verdad they all indeed start at 21.00


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