AVOIR and the environment

July 08, 2016 Pauline M

A worksheet to revise the verb avoir, focusing on idiomatic expressions and 3 tenses, in the context of environment

Using the verb AVOIR- revision

  1. Complétez le tableau

Perfect tense

Present tense

Future tense

J’ai eu

Tu as

Il aura

Nous avons

Vous avez eu

Ils auront

  1. Des expressions utiles avoir froid …….. a to need avoir chaud …….. b to be cold avoir faim …….. c to fancy, to want avoir soif …….. d to be wrong avoir tort …….. e to be afraid avoir raison …….. f to be thirsty avoir mal …….. g to be right avoir le droit (de) …….. h to be hot avoir peur …….. i to be hungry avoir envie de …….. j to be allowed to avoir l’air de ……… k to hurt avoir besoin de…. l to seem

  1. Traduction
  2. Polar bears need glaciers
  3. We are not allowed to hunt elephants
  4. Rhinoceros are scared of poaching
  5. They are wrong to fish tunas
  6. I wanted to see orang-utans in the forest
  7. Pandas will need more water and less pollution


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