Help with essay writing

July 01, 2016

I have been asked often lately this question......

Well an essay or any written piece will need a beginning a middle and an end bit.

In other words an introduction of the subject whether it is a bit of history background or a question you are been asked to discuss. You set up the grounds in this part. you may also rise some questions yourself to answer.

The body of the essay is the important part for you.

You will name your various arguments for and against as well as showing your abilities to use the language, ie, difficult constructions, vocabury, different tenses you are requiered to use. I usually suggest 3 for and against. Discuss in a logical and easy way for the reader to be kept interested to go on reading. You can also make suggestions and explore them as well. Of course this will also depend on the numbers of words allowed for the essay. You need to justify if possible. Use your knowledge of grammar and various vays of constructing phrases as much as possible.

The conclusion This part will sum up your essay and will show your opinion of the problem and you will choose a solution which might be general and have ramifications sometimes. This part is also an opportunity to make suggestions for technological development, and a projection in a near future and a little further in time. This is a excellent opportunity for using future and conditionals and maybe subjunctive tenses....

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