Emanuel School Sample Paper Maths and Marks Scheme

May 20, 2016

Emanuel School

Admission is offered to both boys and girls at 10+, 11+, 13+ and sixth form. This paper is for 11+ entry and would be taken alongside English and verbal reasoning exams. The math paper itself involves a lot of logic, so students are encouraged to practice with maths puzzles and challenging logic problems. Registration for entry fills up very very early! (May 2016 the 11+ and 13+ registers for 2017 are already full and closed).

The average score for admitted students is 70% on maths an English, with a minimum of 60% (really, 65%). These academic exams are only 1/4 of the admissions process- so high marks are necessary to get in, but not sufficient. Only about 75 students are admitted for 11+.

This Paper

This paper is good practice for independent school entrace practice. It is on the difficult side, with a wide range of maths and logic questions. The timing is also challengeing; it must be completed in 1hr without a calculator. Remember, the average score of admitted students is 70%, the minimum is 60%. Doing the maths, that means few students score above 85%, keep this in mind when marking the practice paper!


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