King's College Wimbledon 2012 Maths Paper Marks Scheme

May 20, 2016

King's College Wimbledon Admissions

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KCS has admissions for years 3-7 as well as year 9 and sixth form. The exam below is for 11+ entry. The deadline to register for entry is one year before the potential entry (e.g. to attend in Sept. 2017, you must apply no later than Nov. 2016). Entry exams are in January for both 11+ and 13+ entry. 

11+ entry is new for King's, as of 2016. The old entry process involved students taking an exam at 11+ to then qualify for 13+ entry. The current 11+ exam is for admission at year 7 (age 11). 

This Specimen Paper

This specimen paper is a little older (2012), and is no longer posted on the King's College website. The style of the exam has changed slightly.

This paper: is 45 minutes long, non-calculator, one section

Current entrance exam: is 50 minutes long, non-calculator, 2 sections (A and B)

Generally, the math on the exam is still the same, so it's excellent practice! 

Question Specifics

Question 4: students should be able to translate sentences (word problems) into algebraic equations. Alternatively, they can work backwards to solve these problems- but it takes much more time!

Question 5: Students can divide the volume of the large box by the volume of the small cubes, or they can visualise how many small cubes will fit in the length/width/height of the large box. The later is faster and easier for students who don't often do long division.

Question 6e: As the question is about currency, the answer must be rounded to the nearest hundredths place. This is always the case for currency!

Question 11: requires knowledge of regular and irregular shapes, and right angles

Question 12: requires knowledge of the angles in a quadrilateral and/or the sum of angles rule: sum = n(180-2)

Question 16c: has been cut off!: it's 6, 11


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