Brain Food and Exam Preparation Advice

May 05, 2016

Best of luck to everyone taking part.

Here are just a few of my favourite pieces of exam advice:

1. One of my best friends at University always maintained that there was no point learning for longer during the day than you were sleeping at night as you would not absorb and process that learning effectively. But if you take 8 hours of sleep, do 8 hours of quality work.

2. Plan your revision/time, as early as you can, and do it with your friends and be kind to yourself. Planning in free time, fun, exercise and relaxation is essential for a sustainable and attainable month or two. It will also reduce stress, improve energy and performance when you are working, help you stick with the plan, sleep better and remove guilt when not working or FOMO (fear of missing out!)

3. This may seem silly, but remember to enjoy them and know that you will get the result you deserve, so work hard to deserve the best you can! There is no subsitute for good preparation and a positive attitude.

4. Eat and drink well. Finding it difficult to focus is so often due to a thirsty brain, give it water before, during and after giving it information. Have a 500ml bottle of water with you all the time, and drink 4-6 full bottles throughout the day. A very helpful article worth a read in preparation for the upcoming exams can be found at the link below; my mum always used to ply me with fish when I was leading up to big exams.

5. Talk to people. Change your revision up to include discussions and sharing ideas with peers, teachers, siblings even? Test what you've been learning by seeing if you can explain it to others, such as your parents. Record yourself reading out notes you've made so that you can play it back rather than reading the same bits over and over. This way also makes your notes shareable with friends so you can work together on your notes then share the recordings to keep the voice variety, and you listening.

This is it, what you've all been working for, so make sure you grasp the opportunity with both hands and get qualifications that open doors, give you choices and make you proud.

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