DBS certificate and Degree certificates

April 16, 2016

Dr Jon Philip Harris-DBS certificate: 001525334933 (06.04.2016)

Currently tutoring 1 A2 Level and 5 AS AQA Physics students

Refereces from three of my current students

1. My son is finding Jon`s lessons really useful. He explains things clearly, is extremely knowledgeable in his subject and is friendly. My son feels at ease with Jon. He is most accommodating when arranging tuition. A good choice of tutor and I would certainly recommend him. (5 star rating)

2. I think Jon is an excellent tutor. He is very helpful and has given me a lot confidence and has already greatly improved my knowledge. He is always on time, and comes very well prepared, I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. (5 star rating)

3. Jon is helping my son with AS physics. He is punctual, friendly and always prepared for the lesson. He is also flexible with his times to accommodate any changes to my son`s timetable. His approach to teaching is relaxed but thorough and my son is benefitting from the extra tuition. I would recommend Jon to anyone who needs the extra help. (4 star rating)

These are the reference (sent independently to the site where I am registered as an A Level Physics tutor)

BSc 2:1 (Hons) PhD MBA

Having obtained a 2:1 (Hons) in Pure and Applied Physics at Salford University (1976), I was then offered a PhD research project that I completed in 3 years to obtain a PhD in Low Temperature Physics, also at Salford University (1979). During my research I worked as a Private A level tutor for the children of a number of overseas Professors - teaching A level Physics and (through one of those students) was invited to teach Physics to A level students at a Ladies Grammar school in Manchester when their teacher became ill. I also taught A level Physics at the Trafford Park College of Further Education in Stretford, Manchester for 2 years

In 1984, while working for British Petroleum I was sent on an MBA in Finance and International Business at the City University (London) Business School that I obtained in 1986

I have also worked at Sheffield Hallam University (2000 - 2004) in their Enterprise Centre and worked with Graduates and Post Graduate Students in Entrepreneurship and Business Enterprise

I have 30 years executive business experience to senior international board level

I am currently applying to become a trainee teacher

I have been tutoring 5 AS and 1 A2 A level physics students this year

I have previously been a teacher at a Ladies Grammar School in Manchester and Trafford Park College of Further Education




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