Music tutor is more than just a tutor

March 30, 2016

In my opinion, every student differs greatly. This means that there isn't one fixed way to teach a student. As a teacher, it is important to understand the student and develop a teaching method that accommodates the student. The reason behind this is so that the student could realise his potential to the fullest and also be able to understand efficiently. I have always believed that there isn't only one way to achieve a particular result. There are countless ways to achieve the same result. Therefore, as teacher, we have to always have the ability to adapt, to communicate, and also be open minded. In this manner, I believe this is the best way for a student to realise his full potential, and also learn the instrument in a fun way.

In addition, being a music tutor, I feel that we are not only teaching music. There are many experiments showing that music helps students to excel in mathematical skills, and also other skills too. All these skills could definitely be transferable into any profession or even instilling life lessons!! This is because, learning to play a musical instrument well requires lots of dedication and countless hours of practice. It is a skill that has to be finely tuned all the time,, to polish our playing in order to achieve greater heights!  This means that, it cannot be happen overnight but is a process. Also, this would cultivate us having a good sense of time management as we have to manage our own practice time, being disciplined and also having a sense of responsibility in our work. Not only that, playing instrument in a group teaches us how to communicate in a group, how to work as a team, leadership skills and also the ability to adapt and to listen. 

In essence, whether or not the child would go on to pursue music as a career, I strongly believe that learning music could definitely benefit them for their entire life, and the musical experience they cultivated in their musical journey will definitely stay with them forever. All this would only be possible with a good tutor who is passionate, proactive and always has the thought of wanting the student the get the most out of every lesson. 

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