Possessive Adjectives - Aggettivi Possessivi

February 29, 2016

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The possessive adjective goes always after the article.

They always agree in gender and number with noun possessed

il mio cane – my dog
la vostra casa – your home
Ii suoi occhi – his/her eyes
Ii loro libri – their books
la nostra amica - our (female) friend
il tuo ragazzo – your boyfriend
le mie scarpe – my shoes

When we talk about relatives we don't need the article:

mia madre – my mother
tuo padre –
your father
suo fratello –
his/her brother
vostra sorella –
your sister
nostro nonno –
our grandfather
sua cugina –
his/her (female) cousin
mio suocero –
my father-in-law

There is an exception for the plural of our relatives;

i suoi fratelli – his/her brothers
le vostre sorelle –
your sisters
i nostri nonni –
our grandparents
le sue cugine –
his/her (female) cousins
i miei suoceri –
my parents-in-law

”loro” always wants the article

il loro padre –
their father
la loro madre –
their mother
il loro fratello –
their brother
la loro nipote –
their niece
il loro nipote –
their nephew

i loro fratelli –
their mothers
le loro zie –
their aunts
i loro figli –
their sons

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