An approach to teaching

February 12, 2016

I believe that learning a language is something that keeps the mind
fresh, positive and young. If you are already young, it is good exercise
anyway. Indeed, I do not think there is something better than the
feeling of accomplishment when you actually manage to express yourself
in another language. I had this feeling when I was a student of German
but, while my teachers were really severe and the lesson was worse than
boring, I try not to make the same mistake. Since the process of
learning a language is a delicate one, the student`s confidence and the
general atmosphere are crucial.

As I have learnt during the
teacher training at ICI, games and role-plays are important tools, in a
learning process where the language is induced during the activities, it
is not directly given. It is the student that has to be at the center
of the learning process and only he/she will get to the rule.

The role of the teacher is that of a guide, that helps the student in this gradual discovery of the way the language works.

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