Some business Russian: greetings

February 11, 2016

And now - some Business Russian.

Meeting and Greeting

The typical greeting is often a (very) firm handshake with the appropriate greeting for the time of day - dObraye Ootra (good morning), dObryj dyen` (good afternoon) or dObryj vyecher (good evening).

Even though it may sound a bit stiff it is commonplace when doing business in Russia to introduce yourself using only your surname. Before meeting your Russian counterpart ensure you find out if there are any titles they use as these are extremely important and should be used. If you are visiting Russia it is appropriate to refer to your counterpart by either "gaspodin" (a courtesy title similar to "Mr.") or "gaspazhah" (similar to "Mrs." or "Miss") plus his or her surname.

Forms of address may be confusing for a foreigner. Russians normally have three names: an imya , which means the first name, an otchestvo or patronymic and familya or surname. Introductions can be made with different combinations of these, depending on the persons and the situation. Often a formal setting will require of a person.


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