Beginners Music Homework Book

August 04, 2015

This homework booklet is perfect for year 6/7 music students, or beginners learning to play an instrument!

The homework book includes 7 homework sheets. Each homework sheet explains the topic first, and then has a small exercise at the end.

The following topics are covered in this music workbook:

Music note names

- Explains music note symbols, staves from notes A to G.

- An exercise labelling each note in a musical piece

- Worksheet about the treble clef, bar lines, double bar lines and time signature.

- Practise drawing a treble clef

- An exercise labelling the musical symbols in a musical piece

Note Values

- Outlines the different note types: Semibreve, Minim, Crochet, Quaver and Semi-quaver

- Explains how many beats each symbol represents and compares them in a chart

- An exercise comparing notes and their values

- Explains “joined quavers” and “joined semi quavers”.

- A composition exercise, the student must label each note A to G and note how many beats each note is worth


- Explains different types of rests e.g. Semibreve rest and what each looks like

- Practise drawing each type of rest

-  Practice writing the length of each rest

Time signatures

- Explains time signatures, bars and crochet beats

- Explains how to calculate the number of crochet beats in a bar

- An exercise calculating the crochet beats in a bar

Keys on the piano

- Notes names and piano keys

- Intro to sharps and flats and their symbols

- Exercise working out the number of notes in an octave.

Sharps and flats

- How to work out sharps and flats on the piano keys

- Intro to sharps, sound = higher, flats, sound = lower

- Sharps and flats sound exercise

Musical vocabulary

- Intro to musical vocabulary through a matching game!

I hope you and/or your students enjoy these music worksheets at home.


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