Notting Hill and Ealing School Past Paper (Maths)

July 31, 2015

This is a past paper for Notting Hill and Ealing's maths entrance exam. It is also used for other Group 1 schools from the London Independent Girls' Schools Consortium.

The Paper

This paper, from 2008, is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and should be completed in one sitting. No calculator or rulers are allowed, and students should show all work (as they will be marked for workings out). Problems range from basic numeracy to geometry, algebra, and complex problem solving. The last few questions are great examples of word problems and tests of mathematical logic/processes.

Notting Hill and Ealing School

In 2013, NHEHS celebrated its 140th anniversary; it has a long history of education in London. This is an all girl, independent school in Ealing (West London), for 4-18 year olds. Entry is normally offered at 4+, 7+, 11+, and 16+. In addition to maths and English exams, applicants will be interviewed. 

London Independent Girls' School Consortium

The Consortium is a collection of Independent girls' schools in London which offer a common entrance exam and share results. This alleviates the often tedious application process for students and parents. Other "Group 1" schools (which use the same exam) are include:

Francis Holland (Regent's Park)

Francis Holland (Sloane Square)

Queen's College

St. Albans High School

St. Helen’s School

South Hampstead High School


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