Enhancing Expression Examples (EEE) #1

January 31, 2016

The Soviet Union had one other advantage as well, which was that it alone among the victors emerged from the war with tested leadership.[1]

The phrase ‘tested leadership’ is an elegant way of conveying the idea of experience.

The achievement of a universal Scottishness, against all the odds, is the supreme example of the power of ‘regnal unity’.[2]

Nowadays, it is rare to describe the best example of something as ‘the supreme example’.

I wrote this book in order to satisfy my historical curiosity; in the words of a more successful historian, ‘to understand what happened and why it happened’.[3]

This is a skilful way of introducing a citation.

Politically the revolution may be dead, but it has an afterlife in the mentalities of the people swept up in its violent cycle of one hundred years.[4]

A phenomenon may end but its sweeping influence can continue decades later.

Educated, like Faustus, at Wittenberg, Hamlet is trained to debate cases of conscience, to weigh the arguments for and against action.[5]

It would be more common to write ‘issues’ in this context but ‘cases’ is an elegant alternative.


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