How to get into a King Edward's School, Birmingham

January 28, 2016

King Edwards Grammar VI, founded in 1552 is regarded as one of the most successful boys’ school in the UK. Approximately 17% of students in 2015 gained a place at Oxbridge and the average International Baccalaureate score was 6.31. Not many schools enjoy the quality of buildings and space that King Edward’s has to offer. With the school's superb facilities, parents are eager for their child to gain a place, and often hire expert tutors in Birmingham to help guide and support them through the admissions process. 

11+ and 13+ Admissions Procedure:

Please note that the admissions procedure for 11+ and 13+ is almost identical, however there are some minor changes, firstly there are much fewer places for entry at 13+. Entry at 11+ offers 120 places whereas 13+ offers about 5 or 6. All candidates who perform well, will be interviewed and Assisted Places and Scholarships are only awarded in exceptional cases,

Students are required to sit an exam consisting of three sections: English; Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. To register your interest in doing so you must first complete an application form. The deadline for entry to 2016 has passed and the application forms for entry in 2017 will be made available in July 2016. The deadline is usually in November so be sure to complete this as soon as possible. There are three possible ways for you to get an application form once made available: from the website; by emailing the school at: or by the Director of Admissions on 0121 415 6056. 

The three examinations will all take place on the same day, typically on a Saturday in January. Parents should allow for the child to be free for the entire day as the examination usually takes place from 9:30am to 3:00pm. (Please contact the Director of Admissions if this date is not possible). For 11+ the English exam will last 1hr+10 minutes reading time, the Maths and Verbal Reasoning will last an hour. If sitting the 13+ the English and Maths exam will last 1hr and 30 minutes whereas the Verbal Reasoning will last an hour.
Results are typically posted in February.

In addition to the above, the schools report is also a part of process of selection. King Edwards Schools are fond of non-academic achievements and activates too. A considerable number of interviews are conducted for candidates gaining Assisted Places and scholarships. Interview of border-line candidates may also be carried out.

The interview itself is supposed to be informal, it is more for the School to find out more about your child. (So don’t panic!).


Explain to your son the admissions process, ensure they understand what is required of them. This will take any ambiguity away from the child and consequently should ease any worries they may have.

The Interview

It is estimated that 75% of time preparing of the interview part of the application is wasted, (from various parents), however building your child’s confidence could prove to be essential. They may ask questions about hobbies and interests, here is an opportunity for the child to very much stand out. If they can relate how they can use facilities at the school to continue their hobbies they will definitely show they have done their homework.

Practice exam papers!

The examination is design to become progressively more difficult, therefore your child needs to become more familiar with tackling more complex questions. Familiarisation questions can be found using the following link:

Interests outside of Class

Children should be prepared for questions with regards to their extracurricular activities.

Prepare Questions

Students may be asked if they have any questions towards to end or at the start of the interview. It could be useful to have some questions prepared to show a genuine interest in the school.


The English exam will be split into two parts: a comprehension section and a creative writing section. The comprehension will be presented in a traditional format and the creative writing section will test how students form a piece of written English in response to a title or a range of titles.

The Maths exam is split into three different sections, starting at relatively simple questions and progressively becoming more complex. Anything up to Level 5 of the National Curriculum (Key Stage 2) can be examined.

The Verbal Reasoning test will be similar to the commercially available papers.

16+ Sixth Form Admissions

Entry to September that year will be in February. Entry at 16+ depends upon: the existing school’s report; predicted grades and on an interview with the Chief Master and a senior member of staff.

Here is a list of King Edward's Schools: 

·         King Edward VI Aston School

·         King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

·         King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

·         King Edward VI Five Ways School

·         King Edward VI Handsworth School

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