How to get into Queen Mary's Grammar School for Boys

March 05, 2016

How to get into Queen Mary's Grammar School for Boys? As a tutor specialising in school entrance in and around Birmingham, I have prepared this resource, which discusses the admissions process for Queen Mary's Grammar School for boys. If you are looking for information on the admissions process for Queen Mary's High School for Girls, please see this resource.

Queen Mary’s High and Grammar School is the only selective school in Walsall, so it is no wonder why parents are eager for their children to gain a place here. It can be exceptionally useful to find out which tutors in Birmingham can help coach and mentor a student through the admissions process. However, with competition coming from students in areas surrounding Walsall too, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton etc. pressure on students is continually increasing, and so creating a good balance between prep for the admissions process and time out from studies should be top priority. 

About Queen Mary’s

In 2015, 76% of students at Queen Mary’s Grammar School for Boys achieved a grade B or above. 35 of their candidates achieved 3A’s or better and 16 students achieved 4 A*/A grades.

At Queen Mary’s High School for Girls, the A-level pass rate was 100% in 2015, and 77% achieved grade B’s or above. Eleven of their students achieved A* and A’s only and these results were the best in Walsall. One of their students went to complete her further studies at Oxford University to read English Language and Literature.

11+ Admissions procedure for Queen Mary's Grammar School for Boys

Registration for Queen Mary's Grammar and High School:
Students looking to enter Queen Mary’s in September 2017, should look to register between early May and June 2016. The closing date for regisitration is Friday 1st July 2016. This is the same for both schools . 

The Exam

The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) test papers, comprise of four different sections: Maths; English; Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each of these four will be examined in two 45 minute exam papers. The Maths and English covered is with accordance to national curriculum for year five students. The Verbal Reasoning examines the child’s ability to understand concepts framed in words whereas Non-Verbal Reasoning will test diagrammatic or abstract related questions. For more detailed information on how to pass the CEM test, please see this resource

The exam will take place on Monday 19th September 2016.

How do I prepare?

There are many resources that have been published to help students practice some of the examinable content. In addition to this the school will most likely provide some familiarisation test to show students what they should expect. Here are some tips to help you prepare in the best way possible for the test:

Mental mathematics is the key to success. Students should aim to be able to carry out two digit addition and subtraction mentally and have memorised all times tables. Students should particularly focus on worded problems and shapes, these two topics are ones I have found students struggle with.


Students should look to expand their vocabulary, practice applying grammar and punctuation to their work and practice their comprehension skills. In addition to this students should aim to understand literary devices and be able to recognize different types of words (i.e. common nouns, verbs etc.)

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Students should aim to become familiar will all styles of questions examinable. Students should pay particular attention to alphabet related questions and coding questions, most other topics on the Verbal Reasoning paper are done well with practice. With regards to the Non-Verbal reasoning, spotting finer detail changes is essential, typically students find the beginning questions on each section manageable, however more practice is needed on the more difficult end of section questions.

When will I hear about my offer from Queen Mary's Grammar School for Boys?

The school will post the results to you, letting you know of your score towards the end of September early October. This is not an offer from the school for a place, places can only awarded by your home Local Authority. Your next steps are to fill out the Local Authority Preference Form and if Queen Mary’s is not listed, then you will not be considered for a place. Queen Mary’s also advise that students with schools lower than approximately 320 may struggle with the content, level and pace of lessons.

16+ Sixth Form Admissions

Admissions for Sixth Form is far more straight forward. Firstly you will have to fill out a short application form. The link to this is below:
Be aware, the deadline for entry into September 2016 is in February 2016. After the form has been submitted, if successful you shall be invited to the interview stage. The interview questions are very similar to the questions on the application form. Be sure of the subjects you wish to study and why. Show you have done your research about the school and your proposed career path.
Try not to be nervous! The interview is so that the school can find out a little more about you as an individual. If successful at the interview stage, students will be offered a condition offer based on their GCSE grades. Students should be expecting to achieve A/A* grades in their GCSE’s.

Address: 26 Birmingham Road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 2LZ
Telephone Number: 01922 720696
Type: Day Selective Comprehensive
Current Head: Timothy Swain

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